by Madeline Laughs


At the last count, our household now supports several cats with all weather housing, doctor’s appointments, food, clean, drinkable water, flea and worm removal, love,love,love and potty box cleaning.
I think we qualify for some kind of grant.

Capone cried all the way there, but Oreo and Monkey were very quiet. I guess they figured he was making enough noise.Once we got there, Monkey decided to be a badass and made those gurgly growls she likes to make and she hissed a lot and Capone got quiet. Very funny when they reached into the cage and she bussed their hands for pets. I sometimes wonder if she just doesn’t know that hissing is aggressive and thinks she’s merely expressing herself.It’s going to be fun picking them up while they’re still stoned from the surgery. I want to cuddle them until they completely wake up so they feel secure. It’s going to be a rough couple of days and I have a recovery area set up with kennels so they can rest and be still for a while.

Oh and by the way, a few days after I left to go on assignment a couple of weeks ago, Chris decided the kittens should be freed from their kennel prisons and released everyone except Viper, who scares him because she’s still so incredibly mean.

We spent some time last night rounding them up to get them ready to leave this morning.

Even being free in the garage once again, they were still approachable and eager for pets, but the only one that comes down right away for meals is Capone. Monkey loves to watch us milling about the garage and she rolls over and offers her belly when you pet her. They are all very sweet! Well, except for Viper, who hates everyone.


I have imagined him many times throwing open the kennel doors with flourish and saying “BE FREE KITTIES!!”

I did have big plans to cuddle them when I got them home, but then I remembered how I felt waking up from a surgery. Cuddling would be the last thing on my mind because everything hurts. So I opted for allowing them to settle down to sleep it off instead. Capone gave me the most serious look once he was back in his kennel, like he felt betrayed and couldn’t decide if I had anything to do with his sore bottom, or not. I hope they think we rescued them…because we kinda did.


FEBRUARY 3, 2013

While I was on assignment last month my husband decided it was best to allow the kittens to have free range of the garage and released all of them from their kennels.We had to capture three of them for their surgeries and I kept them in kennels until they had sufficiently regained their strength and then I released them into the garage again.They have systematically reverted back to their feral pack state and any progress we were making with them has been lost. They will never be tame, domestic cats.We started too late.We did not have a clear plan.We had absolutely no help.We did not agree on the flimsy plan we had and therefore sent confusing and now devastating messages to these five animals that were counting on us to survive.We will have the remaining 2 kittens spayed/neutered and their ears will be clipped. I regret not having the other 3 kitten’s ears clipped now.In March, when the weather clears up, they will be released back into the outdoor colony and I will wish them well.It is not the ending I hoped for, though it is not a sad one, it is not a happy one either.This is the last Feral Five Update to be posted.


poor Mavros…
To alleviate my disappointment that the 5 kittens want nothing to do with me voluntarily…I come back upstairs and torture him endlessly with cuddles and rides around the living room, lots of kisses on top of his head and big hugs.

he’s got a hard life now.

FERAL FIVE UPDATE!!!! (so I am going back on my protest that there wouldn’t be more)

Viper and Dexter are the last two dropped off this morning for their first shots and surgeries. When I captured Dexter last night I got an overwhelming feeling that Dexiepooh might be another girl! We’ll find out today for sure.The BIGGEST NEWS is that 2 of our babies are being ADOPTED today!!!!!!Oreo and Monkey are being picked up today by their new owner to be taken to their forever home. They were adopted together and will be living in Mann’s Harbor with a family in a beautiful area as indoor kitties. Chris and I are over the moon about this windfall of LOVE ♥I’m going to really miss my Monkeylove 😥

dropping them off at the vet for a little TNR :)

dropping them off at the vet for a little TNR 🙂

FEBRUARY 8, 2013

Dexter IS A GIRL!!! And Viper was in heat…out of that whole litter there was only one boy, Capone.

Oreo and Monkey are already on their way to their new home. Really nice family and they are so excited to be able to adopt two kittens.

Dexie and Viper are downstairs in their recovery condos. Dexie is trying to hide in her potty box and I put the purple hidey bed in Viper’s condo so she could sulk in private and feel totally safe from the whole world for a while. Both of them totally behaved during their visit with the vet and Viper didn’t even try to bite anyone…which is a miracle.



After this update the last three of the Feral Five were released to become part of the colony outside. We had absolutely no interest from anyone wanting to adopt them, even though all of them were kind of tame, except Viper. Monkey and Oreo escaped the family that had adopted them and were last seen heading away together into the swamp of the surrounding property. Her son left the door open just a few days after they got there and both kittens ran for freedom. She never even tried to get them back. They were only babies. I cried.

They were never seen again.

The lady that adopted them was seen on Craig’s List a few short weeks later asking for more kittens and we reported her to Craig’s List. Hopefully, no one else gave her anymore kittens.

Capone and Dexie are a daily part of our lives now, but Viper has remained distant. Some days we see her, but mostly she stays away and remains true to her heritage, which is wild.

There is not a single member of our feral cat colony that is disposable. Not one. We do not give the kittens away freely. They are not a burden to us. We enjoy them and each one that is adopted out leaves us longing to see them again, but mostly, longing to know they are safe and happy.

That is how it should be and that is how it is here.




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