Letting go of the unnatural shame in the aftermath of sociopath abuse

Finally! I have tried to explain this before and could not make my point. This explains it perfectly. I’ve said many times, these people aren’t born with a conscience. And you can not grow one. These people are not mentally ill. It’s just the way they are and they can’t be fixed.

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Sociopaths/Psychopaths/Narcissists are not mentally ill. They are not sick. On the contrary, these individuals are disordered. Disorders can’t be treated with therapy, medication, or other treatments. Sociopaths can’t be made non-disordered.

Sociopathy is a disorder, a condition, a state of being. To the sociopath, their state of being is natural–controlling others, manipulating every situation, pretending to be good and just, mirroring the behaviors of those they covet and want to become–these behaviors are their normal.

Their state of normal behavior is abnormal to the rest of us, the non-disordered. We do not seek or find pleasure and satisfaction in controlling others. We do not enjoy manipulating people to like us. We do not like being fake or insincere. We find grandiose gestures of importance in others repulsive. We are always questioning if we are being true to ourselves and if we are being fair to those we love. We are…

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3 Responses to Letting go of the unnatural shame in the aftermath of sociopath abuse

  1. Human says:

    Yes! They do not deserve our compassion. They do not “suffer” from their disorder; it is their victims who suffer. The victims need our understanding and support—not the personality disordered abusers.

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    • Thank you so much for linking back to this post.

      I visited your page this morning in hopes of leaving the following information for you, but I can not seem to find a way to leave a comment there for you. After reading some of your posts, I can see that you are in the throes of a fiasco and in a great deal of pain too. I don’t blame you for turning your comments off, under the current circumstances.

      This is actually a reblog from one of my favorite bloggers and now my friend, Paula, who is a fantastic teacher about these particular disorders. I want to encourage you to check out her blog at http://www.paularenee.wordpress.com. She will give you the ins and outs of each personality disorder and the tools to avoid them and get them out of your life. I followed her advice to the letter and today I am much happier and have much healthier relationships than ever before. She will also guide you to healing yourself from the pain and mental anguish of having these kinds of people in your life. Please, go and check her out.

      Sending you love and light and the love that comes from having been there too. ❤


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