Clean Knickers, it’s a good thing!

by Madeline Laughs

One beautiful Australian morning has us waking up in our humble beach abode and getting ready early to get down to the kite field for setup and preparation for the Adelaide Kite Festival put on by The Kiteshop every year. I’m sitting on the sofa all dressed to go and our housemate Robert asks me when I think I’ll be heading down to the field. I tell him I’m going with him and my husband. He looks at me quizzically and then asks,  “well, shouldn’t you be getting dressed then?” I tell him that I AM dressed and he laughs…“it looks like you’re wearing your nightdress doll!” 

I had on a frilly white sundress. It’s quite cute, but I have to admit it could pass for a nightdress.

We all walk down the beach boardwalk to the field and my husband and I decide we need breakfast, so I volunteer to head up the main street in search of a bakery.

In town I visit the casino, just to look around and use the restroom and the ATM. Then I visit the bakery for pastries and spy the post office across the street, so I go by there and buy stamps to mail my postcards. Then I visit the coffeeshop for coffees to go.

I zigzagged the street back and forth as I ran my errands.

I have both hands full as I start my long trek down the main street to the beach and finally take the steps down onto the sand. The path out is now clogged with thousands of school children that have come out this morning for the Kid’s Day Fly.

I have had my backpack strapped over my two shoulders the whole trip.

As I descend the steps I hear a woman shouting:

“Ma’am!! Ma’am!! Please stop!!”

I turn to see what the commotion is and see a small woman rushing up behind me in quite a tizzy. I realize she is yelling at me to stop, so I do. Maybe I forgot something at one of my stops and she’s ran all this way to give it back to me. How nice, I’m thinking.

She comes up to me, reaches around my back and yanks my dress down.

“Ma’am, you’ve walked all this way showing your knickers!!!” Of course she pronounces it as “knic-kahs” because she’s a lovely Australian.

Evidently my cute little sundress was being pulled upward by my backpack bouncing on my back as I walked along and had bunched itself underneath the bag snugly, so everyone had a nice view of my panties.

She was clearly disturbed, and I’m sure my response didn’t help much because I began laughing.

I thanked her and remarked “at least I have on nice knickers today!” She then smiled when she saw that not only was I not embarrassed, but I was also American. “Yes, that is a good thing.” she replied smiling, “Welcome to Australia.” And she moved on with the children onto the beach waving back to me.

A pretty “nightdress”, clean knickers and a healthy sense of humor all make for a great day in Australia.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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3 Responses to Clean Knickers, it’s a good thing!

  1. Regyna Longlank says:

    That is just precious. I love that there are people who will tell you that your underwear are showing instead of letting you run around like that all day. These are the people of substance.


  2. australian memory says:

    Australian memory is certainly a great source for remember things for a long.

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  3. I totally agree! I threw out all of my tired panties years ago and decided if I don’t like wearing something, or it doesn’t make me feel and look fabulous, then it just has to go. Happy shopping! I hope you find some awesome treasures!


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