Abandoned places

I don’t know when I developed an interest in abandoned places, but they fascinate me. The Internet has definitely introduced me to some beauties and I will share links to each of my most favorite websites here in this post.

Growing up I lived on a 200 acre estate owned by my grandfather. Whenever one of his children got married, he built them a house on his property. The couple would come and stay for a bit, but most of the time they ended up moving away for work. The total amount of houses on the property when we moved away was five. Throughout the years, at least one or more houses was vacant for up to two or three years at a time. One house was never lived in at all.

I think this is probably my earliest memory of abandoned places.  

I used to love sneaking into these houses and plundering what was left behind by the last tenant. An old pair of shoes, stacks of love letters from an ex-boyfriend, old clothing still hanging in the closets like someone would be back one day to claim it. Canned goods in the pantry, curtains on the windows and sometimes a forgotten earring left where the old sofa used to sit.

I never took anything out of the houses. I always left it where I found it, even the earring. I guess I thought the rightful owner might come back one day and claim it, but that never happened.

What would happen is other people in the family that needed of a home would move in, and they claimed whatever was left behind, or threw it away.


http://www.abandoned-places.com, Frankenstein’s Hospital

Abandoned Places

This website is a lot of fun to navigate and has some of the most amazing photos I have ever seen. When you open the site you’ll see a wheel, of sorts. Roll your cursor over the wheel and pick whichever place you’d like to explore and click.


This website has photos of abandoned mansions from around the world.


You can always count on Distractify to gather the most unusual places all in one spot for you to peruse.


The Weburbanist has many to choose from. There is everything from abandoned circus tents to abandoned car dealerships.

Once I realized there were more people out there that are as intrigued as I am, I searched for an understanding of why people have such a keen interest in abandoned places. What I found did not surprise me because I feel the same way. It is a nostalgia. A longing sometimes for the way things used to be.

Of all the stories online about places that have been long forgotten, I think my most favorite story is about the apartment discovered in Paris. I have been to Paris and stayed in some of these tiny and out of the way flats, so I could totally understand how a place just like this could exist for so many decades, completely untouched.

Daily Mail – Paris Apartment, Untouched for 70 Years


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10 Responses to Abandoned places

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Oh how utterly fascinating. I am going to visit all these links. The Paris apartment abandoned for all those years….priceless!


    • I’m so happy to have shared this now. I have had this draft in my Draft Folder for many months and thought no one would be interested, but the interest is definitely there. We are a tribe of folks feeling nostalgia. 🙂


  2. acuriousgal says:

    Wow, what an amazing place. No way would I stay a night here………….GHOSTS!!!!!! How interesting and fun to rummage around in your Grandaddy’s homes. I loved that you let everything just be as it was left….as should be


    • I have no idea why I felt the things I found should stay put, but I’m glad now that I left them. I know I didn’t need them, but I always believed that someone would need them one day and they would still be there, just in case.

      The mansion pictures were terribly frightening! I don’t know if I could stay there even if it wasn’t abandoned. It’s fascinating to me that people would just walk away from a house like that and leave it to rot.


  3. Come back and let me know what you think once you’ve had a look. 🙂


  4. What a great post ~ I’m fascinated by them too!


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