Whenever possible, make a U-turn.


I hear this tirade quite a bit when I’m traveling around for work. It’s usually because I made the snap decision to stop for a soda or to pee or to shop, when that wasn’t originally on my agenda. It’s spontaneity that the GPS does not understand and will not tolerate. She firmly chastises your penchant for going off the beaten path and deviating from the task at hand by repeating her commands over and over until you either comply, or turn her off.

Sometimes I get sassy with her.

Oh hush up! I’m getting to it! 

I confess that I can not live without her now. I do not miss those harrowing driving days of trying to get the map to lay flat in the passenger seat so I can get a glimpse of the highway exit I just missed, while driving 60 mph. All in all, my GPS has made my driving improve quite a bit. It has also improved my punctuality and my ability to let someone know the precise time I’ll be arriving.

I still have and use my original GPS. It’s a Garmin and while she doesn’t tell me to turn by stating the name of the street, like the newer ones do, she still gets me where I need to be. I’m not sure I will ever retire her, unless like everything else, technology deems her obsolete. Until then, I am content to listen to her monotone drone of a voice and delight in arriving at the exact location I entered into her databanks.

I really have no idea how I lived so long without a GPS, but now that I have one, I am getting around life a whole lot easier with a lot less stress.



About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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5 Responses to My GPS

  1. The GPS helped us find each other. I’m starting over soon–back at A for the third or fourth time. Happy blogging!


  2. akaushiva says:

    GPS has certainly made life easier. Earlier we would stop at road side tea joints, bus stands to ask for directions n now we confidently move ahead, just an eye on this smart device!


  3. I just love mine! It has saved me so much time and trouble and on the job it is a must-have now.


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