my first iPad


Something wicked your way wings!

That was text message I awoke to one September when I was on the California coastline during my birthday week. It was from my husband and when I read it that morning I went squealing into the kitchen exclaiming “OMG! My husband has sent us tickets to see the Broadway production Wicked in the city!!” Oh we were so excited!

That day he texted again and told us we would have to be home to sign for the package and I texted back that we would be. I didn’t let on that we already knew what he had sent me for my birthday surprise though. We camped out on the sofa in the living room so we could hear the door chime and when it rang I threw open the door and signed for a box.

I took the box into the kitchen and placed it on the table. A box? For theater tickets? Maybe he sent other goodies to go along with them? No matter! I tore into the box and unwrapped another box which had the word iPad printed on the outside.

Oh! I know! This was to throw me off what the real present was!! Oh my husband was a sneaky one!!

I opened the iPad box and waddayaknow…there was an iPad inside.

We both looked at it. I kind of pushed the box to the middle of the table, like it was a contagious lab specimen and we both stared at it. “Hm. It’s an iPad.” Then we looked at each other with epiphanies ringing! “Maybe he hid the tickets underneath the iPad!! Omg! He was indeed a sneaker!!” We dove for the box and pulled out the iPad and all of it’s attachments and found nothing underneath.

Now it lay on the tabletop, all of it’s pieces and parts still neatly wrapped tight. It was so delicate and I was sure that if I sneezed on it the thing would shatter into a million other tiny pieces. How in the world were people supposed to adapt their computing habits from a sturdy laptop to this? It just didn’t seem possible.

Then my friend said, “Well, let’s have a look at this thing.” and she tapped the screen and then pushed the On button. “Do we have to charge it up first?” I wondered. “I guess you do.” We found the charger and plugged it into the wall, then attached it to the iPad. Then we gently placed the iPad on the table and stared at it some more while it charged.

“Did you want an iPad?” my friend asked me. “No, I didn’t ask for one.” and we both sat there silently contemplating this gadget on the table. “Why do you suppose he got you one then?” I looked at this small alien technology and replied, “I dunno, but it sure is wicked.”

Neither of us had the first clue what to do with an iPad. But luckily for us, her 9 year old daughter was an expert iPad Guru and that week she sat me down and taught me the joy of owning this new fangled gadget.

I used the iPad for the rest of my trip, but when I got home I stuck it in the bottom drawer of my night table and kind of forgot about it. He had gotten me an iPhone for my birthday the year before and this also sat in the box in a basket under the coffee table, never used.

And then it happened.

I don’t know what prompted this. Maybe the stars aligned, or something, but one of my friends that lives in Italy wanted to play an online game with me. The game was called Welder and when she sent me the invitation along with the app, I saw that the only way I would be able to play the game with her was on my iPad. It was the perfect catalyst I needed to get me going!

That afternoon I pulled the strange new device out of the drawer and proceeded to accept the invitation to play a game with my friend. I had to upgrade my operating system in order to load Welder, but once that was done, I was off!

I remember asking my friend in Italy what she does with her iPad and she sent back a note with all kinds of suggestions. Stuff I had never even considered like an app for Yoga exercises or learning a new language were right at my fingertips! My husband has even upgraded my device by adding a compact keyboard with a lovely folding case, so I can use it just like it’s a mini laptop. It’s adorbs!!!


Since then I pick up my iPad and use it on a daily basis. I have taught myself how to do all kinds of things and still play Welder with my friend in Italy. I never knew just how wonderful having one of these small and compact pieces of technology could be.

I also took another huge step and finally unpacked and setup my iPhone that same week. I love it! I constantly disconnect callers when my chubby cheeks accidentally trigger the Off button, but my iPhone is another piece of technology that make my daily activities a lot smoother.

I’m not saying everyone has to convert, because you don’t. If what you have works for you, then stay with it. What pushed me to try something new was having a husband that is always thinking forward and the desire to connect with a friend. As long as this is what prompts me to try something different, then I’m going to say that change is sometimes a grand thing to have happen.


~this is dedicated to my friend Lori, who makes word games challenging and lots of fun. It’s also dedicated to my wonderful husband, who really does give the best presents. ❤

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A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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