Our feral cat is raising money to save a wildlife preserve

Arya Squirt

Arya Squirt

I was excited today to take a trip down to Hatteras Island to view Arya Squirt’s public debut. Her image has been made into a children’s puzzle and proceeds will go towards funding for Pea Island National Wildlife Preserve in Rodanthe, NC. Her photograph has been made into a puzzle and some of the pieces are in the different shapes of cats. Like Squirt, the puzzle is quite unique and it’s absolutely gorgeous!  

squirt for sale2

squirt for sale

Pea Island National Wildlife Preserve is also quite unique.

It is almost 6,000 acres of land situated on the northern part of Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This wildlife preserve provides land for wildlife nesting and dwelling and is crucial to the preservation of some species that are bordering on extinction, like peregrine falcons, loggerhead turtles and piping plovers. Every year giant sea turtles make landfall after dark on Pea Island and lay thousands of eggs for hatching in the late summer to early fall season. The beautiful Tundra Swan makes a stop on the banks of Pea Island and this is a stunning sight to behold. Thousands of these huge white birds float lazily on the softly rippling waters as they migrate south for the season.


Pea Island has close to 400 different species of birds, 5 species of amphibians, 24 species of reptiles and 25 species of different mammals. Their home consists of sand dunes, marshlands with fresh and brackish waters, ocean beaches and salt flats.

It is without a single doubt, one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on Earth.

You can read Arya Squirt’s story here. I write about how she came to me, hurt, scared and dying and how she was slowly brought back to life with a lot of love, patience and the kindness of others. She remains a part of the feral colony my husband and I care for here on the Outer Banks and every time we see her we marvel at her resilience, her recovery and her willingness to continue to include us in her daily wild life.

Whatever it cost to mend her, she has repaid that a million times over.

You can find her puzzle for sale at the Pea Island Art Gallery located in the Southernmost building in Salvo, NC right on the sound. You can find them online at http://www.peaislandartgallery.com.

Update on the puzzle availability: Sold out! Thank you to everyone that purchased them.

Like they say there at the gallery, Always Follow Your Heart, Buy Art.

pea island art 2

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