when you stop and really think about it…

Karma I saw that

I see a lot of these new stories about being watched or our movements being digitally recorded. I read the aghast comments twinged with outrage and I wonder what’s up with that.

You see, I live a rather simple life. I don’t do anything illegal or secretive. I’m really not going anywhere I would be ashamed to go and the people that scare me are either too preoccupied with themselves to hunt me or too stupid to figure this technology out.

So really, who cares?

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A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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4 Responses to when you stop and really think about it…

  1. Here is my two cents:

    I don’t think any of us should ever make the mistake of thinking we are not doing anything wrong. I used to think that until I found out that a Harvard Professor wrote a book entitled: 3 Felonies A Day. That’s how many felonies each and every one of us *average* citizens makes per day without even realizing it. It could be something as innocent as copying content from the Internet and passing it along to a friend. It could be laws in your town, it could be almost anything that most of us didn’t even realize was *a law*. And let’s be honest, if the Big Brother wanted to make a case against us, twisting our words or our habits, they could and they would probably win.

    I am an animal right’s activists and we have now been labeled “terrorists”. Imagine? I’m trying to do something good for the animals and I am labeled a terrorist.

    Besides, this is how I sum it up to my friends: Would you like it if I broke into your home and snooped through all your sh-t, read your personal emails, read your personal diary, etc? If the answer is “Yes I would have a problem with that.: Well then you should care about Big Brother spying on you.

    Just sayin’


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  2. When I think about my day to day life I see nothing here worth even idly gossiping about, but people with no life to speak of will always find something to flap their jaws about. LOL!!


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