I “Like” integrity

There is one Way of the World I would love to change, or see it change during my lifetime. I can see tiny sparks of it now among my own friends that do have these qualities.

The world would be so much nicer if the loyalty and integrity of someone became qualities people liked more than they liked the popularity of someone else with the integrity of a grub.  

People that honor their friends and treat others with kindness and understanding are much more attractive to me than the popular person that is continually forgiven for their egregious transgressions, just because they might be fun or outwardly pretty.

When I witness someone that lives life so that others may live life in the spotlight right along with them, I raise that person up. When I hear someone that speaks more of others than they do of themselves, I raise that person up.

Why chase a fading star that only twinkles when your own light shines upon it, when you might already have a beautifully perfect shining star tucked safely in the fold of your palm? That star is YOU and your light is meant for so much more than to just be a reflection for a rock that can never shine back on it’s own.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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5 Responses to I “Like” integrity

  1. silkred says:

    The NPD loser who abused my life is ALL about having people like him – talk about him – help him – the list goes on, the story so common in the world of the abused it need not be told…

    While recovering from the disruption of this person I have come to rejoin a sport I had not taken part in for some years – cycling – through this I have met a nice bunch of people who have via their normal-ness, their kindness and their joy in doing what we do, helped me no end in recognising normality once more, the easy relatedness among people.

    Over the weekend we did an event together during which I came to reach my physical limits, one of the group kept close to me and when I was struggling would just say something encouraging – “keep going…” – “you are doing great…” each time these little utterances helped me inside to find the strength to keep going – to find the top of that hill… to keep going… and in the end I made it – completed the day and felt amazing.

    I left the day so elated – so happy – I actually burst out laughing a few times on my way home – I had been with normal people – had been respected and included – I had been encouraged and helped – it was almost overwhelming after seeing my social connectedness destroyed by a narcissist who was never any of these things and in his abuses mindfully acted to destroy me…

    well – he didn’t….

    your post contains a deep truth – it is beautiful – thank you Madeline

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  2. From your sweet lips to the masses!! Why not? Hope is on the horizon ❤


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