The Seasonal Narcissist … Or, How to Survive a Holiday When There’s a Narcissist Underfoot

I have had to deal with a seasonal narcissist for many years now. In this article the writer gives some great advice on how to deal with the narc during family gatherings.

This year I’m actually looking forward to the holidays for the first time in almost 15 years. Peaceful, stress free and surrounded by people I love, for a good change. Here’s hoping your holiday is a happier one this year too.

In the Net! - Stories of Life and Narcissistic Survival

You don’t have to be married or partnered with a narcissist in order to have one in your life. Studies show that almost a quarter of us have to interact with  narcissists, although that may just be peripherally. If that’s the case, dealing with them becomes much more difficult because they are likely to be in your life for a long time, if only intermittently. It may sound harsh, but once you make up your mind, you can usually get out of a spousal/partnered relationship with a narcissist, although if there are children involved, you may still have to deal with the narcissist for many years.

Nevertheless, many of us have to, especially around special occasions, look out for what I like to call the seasonal narcissist. This is a person whom you may only see every couple of years or maybe a couple of times a year, since narcissists don’t like to hang out much with…

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5 Responses to The Seasonal Narcissist … Or, How to Survive a Holiday When There’s a Narcissist Underfoot

  1. whine-wine-whatever says:

    A narcissist ought to know by adulthood (let’s just use the female gender as an example) that she is a self-centered pain in the ass. It’s one of her finest characteristics.She uses it to manipulate and get her own way. She often whines when someone knocks her plans down, and she begs or blackmails somebody without a thought, to achieve her goals. When displeasure strikes because she doesn’t get her own way, the narcissist is quick to blame someone else (usually the same person), and badmouth this person to all who’ll listen. It’s never their fault. Except by now, the people are “onto” the narcissist. She goes on a full-tilt attack on the person she sees as her nemesis. Except no one will believe her. She has become like Chicken Little: “The sky is falling!” She’s said so many bad things about her nemesis — over and over — that no one pays attention anymore. You’d think a narcissist would see the patterns in their behavior. But I guess they can’t, because they continue to believe the world revolves around them. A sorry state of affairs.


    • This is true. Eventually healthy people do start to see through the charade and then she is surrounded by folks that are just like her. One can hope that one day they will all turn on each other, I guess.


  2. Trisha says:

    Good for you, I am happy you made the choice for a happier new year.


  3. whine-wine-whatever says:

    Happiest of narc-free holidays to you and your loved ones! No guilt or blame under the tree this year! Peace. Fer real. ❤

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