what hasn’t been said about the Holiday Narcissist

393 I’ve seen so many of these sorts of articles in the past month that I decided I wanted to write about the one thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet. The Holiday Narcissist is so delusional that they sincerely believe that you want to come to their holiday festivities.   That’s right! They think you are just dying to be there and if you aren’t there that you’ll be sitting home alone, incredibly depressed about not being included. They think so highly of themselves that they will even extend a third party invitation…with disclaimers and riders about exactly how you’re supposed to behave.

“It’s not that she isn’t invited, it’s just that she doesn’t act the way I want her to act, but if she acts the way I want her to act, then she can come.”

If that isn’t enough, the person they enlist to deliver their backhanded invite is charged with making it all work out so the narcissist can feel good about being so generous.


I don’t know about you, but if I ever get an invitation to a party that sounds like that the only thing going through my head will be the re-write of it and the truth of what is being said.

“Look, the only way that bitch is going to come over here is if she submits to even more abusive behavior than usual. The only reason I want her here is so I have someone I can abuse, she can be abused and act subservient, or else she can stay home all by herself.”

Um yeah, I would pass.

And I hope many of you will take a pass this year too.

I’d rather stay home, sleep late, open gifts because of the love of giving and not because it’s on a schedule, bake cookies, listen to holiday music instead of arguments, make something good to eat for dinner without the stress of someone being picky about the food because it’s not really about the food either and be with people I love that I know love me unconditionally.

There is absolutely no reason this season to attend any parties where you feel pressured to go for appearance’s sake.

There is absolutely no reason to attend any festivities where instead of having a good time, you’re being used and verbally abused.

Those things don’t say Christmas to me.

Christmas is about love and about giving and about being happy. Do whatever it takes this year to have the merriest Christmas. My love and wish for prosperous joy to everyone out there!!

Happy holidays!! ❤


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A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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5 Responses to what hasn’t been said about the Holiday Narcissist

  1. whine-wine-whatever says:

    It’s funny, isn’t it? If you cave and accept the invite, you know you’re going to face some form of abuse — verbal, psychological, emotional. And if you decline the invite, you’re going to be talked and gossiped about to every person there; what a bitch you are, how much trouble you are, what a snob you are, blahblahblah. Meh. Who needs that shit? You said it best, Madeline: Christmas is about love and about giving and about being happy. If a party is sure to turn into an ugly situation either way? Stay away and surround yourself with true friends and loved ones. ❤

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    • I am actually excited about the holidays this year!! I don’t think there is too much that could put a damper on the festivities we have already planned. I’m also excited to celebrate my sweetie’s trip around the moon for another year. He’s truly to light in my life. ❤


  2. Well said! Happy Holidays.

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