The Walking Dead, I have questions

from Wikipedia

from Wikipedia

The Walking Dead is television horror drama that airs weekly on the AMC channel. It’s about a virus that attacks the human brain, turning people into flesh-eating zombies once they die. At first I didn’t want to watch it, fearing it would give me awful nightmares, but when my husband and I decided to watch the series from the beginning to present day, both of us got hooked on the storyline and the characters. This show is more about the human condition and how we evolve and adapt, than it is about what happens after we die and become zombies.

We are currently viewing Season 4.

I have some questions though.  

Several of my friends seem to be Walking Dead addicts *cough*CrystalJonathanHeather*cough* and start posting commentary about the show while it is airing every week. It’s not commentary I can actually follow yet, because we have not caught up to them, but eventually this should all make perfect sense to me. I am wondering if they could chime in on many of the questions I have so far though.

1. The dude called Governor with the room of aquariums with the zombie heads in them floating in water (I’m assuming) was perplexing. My first question is simply WHY???! I didn’t really buy his explanation that he used it to prepare him for the outside horrors, especially since what he was doing was way more horrible.

2. If you were in the next room scrogging this Governor dude, wouldn’t you be able to smell the stench of a room full of aquariums with zombie heads in them? Let’s also not forget his zombie daughter was in there too. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that zombies probably have an intensely putrid odor. And if the heads were in formaldehyde, when he smashes Michonne’s head into one of the aquariums, that would have given her burns on her face! So if they are just stored in water, why? What does the water have to do with anything because it’s definitely not a preservative?!

3. Could it be that because there are so many zombies that everyone has lost their sense of smell?

4. How come an obviously decomposed zombie that appears to have been walking for the last year, displays brilliantly bright red blood when they stake it? AND IT SPATTERS! I just don’t see how this is possible since this is supposed to be a reanimated dead person whose blood has ceased to circulate and/or remain fluid. By now it should all be dried up. No spatter, ya know?

5. Which brings me to the head staking. It seems almost effortless to stake a zombie through the skull. My husband says it’s because the body has already started to decompose and degrade to the point that perhaps the bone is quite brittle. He might have a point. Pun intended.

6. Have you noticed how easily it is for a Walker/Biter to tear into a human body?! They bite down and suddenly there’s tendons and arteries everywhere!!!! Biting into a living human body is not that easy folks! Maybe for a Grizzly Bear it is, but with our dull tipped teeth this is not an easy feat. And it can’t be that they have super human strength either, because it’s pretty obvious they don’t. They can’t run and it’s pretty easy to push them out of the way. So why is it they can bite with such force?

7. Does it ever rain?

8. How come the humans don’t get infected when they’re staking the zombies and getting zombie blood and gore in their eyes, mouth and nostrils? To me this would be the same transference as getting bitten. And don’t get me started about the numerous times people are hugging each other after a particularly gruesome zombie staking and neither one of them seem to get any grosser, or grossed out that they’re covered in slime and dead particles.

Those are my questions thus far. I sure would love to hear from folks that are watching the series too to find out what you think the answers might be. Until then, watch your back and aim for the brain!


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11 Responses to The Walking Dead, I have questions

  1. Allow me to try and help out, as I know the comic on which the show is based pretty well.

    1. The Governor was a psycho, pure and simple. The character David Morrissey–the actor who played The Governor, and who was also in one of the Doctor Who Christmas Specials–kind of played him “cuddly”, and not as the raving lunatic he was in the comic. Why did he have all those heads in the tanks? Because he liked it. Oh, and he used to find people, chop them up, and feed them to the head. Because he could.

    2. The smell of the dead isn’t spoken of much, but you’d think everyone would smell it. Then again, if you lived in a world of rotting corpse, your sense of smell is probably shot. Also, in the comic, The Gov and Michonne didn’t have that fight–she tortured the hell out of him instead.

    3. See #2.

    4. Because Rule of Cool, that’s why. Rule of Cool is, “If it looks cool, it happens.” Because of course.

    5. Head staking is because everything is getting soft and the bodies aren’t in great shape. Also, Rule of Cool once more.

    6. Because when they were alive they had great dental plans. Also, Rule of Cool, because you’d think as easy as it is to break off their jaws, they couldn’t bite very hard.

    7. Yes, it has, and the one time they did show that was when Rick and Glenn were trying to “blend in” with the Walkers and were wearing their blood and body parts so they would “smell” like a Walking. And it starts raining. Because . . .

    8. Because . . . I got nuthin’. That was one nice thing that “28 Days Later” did: get just a drop of blood in you, and you Raged out. And who doesn’t like to huge their SO after an hour or so of splattering zombies?

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  2. Also, why don’t the zombies eventually starve to “death”? I get it, they’re dead. Still, they must have such a voracious appetite for a reason! Whatever is reanimating them must need sustenance. Either way, I love TWD. It is more about the human condition than the zombies.

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  3. Have you seen World War Z with Brad Pitt or Resident Evil series. Those are the only Zombie Apocalypse movies I’ve seen or have the patience for. I have yet to watch the Walking Dead even though I see it constantly as a recommendation in my Netflix Queue.

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  4. Angela Jahnel says:

    I’m rewatching TWD, since I left off a while back around the beginning of season 3 and forgot most of what happened. The more I watch this show, the more I pick apart the dumb things that happen. You have a lot of valid points in this article. Andrea or Michonne should have been able to smell rotting corpse and/or formaldehyde in the Governor’s place. Also, why didn’t the Governor and Michonne get infected when she grabbed a piece of glass from one of the zombie head tanks and stabbed the Governor through the eye? If the heads were in formaldehyde, then ok no virus, but then she should have had burns. I also have serious issues with the lack of security and planning at that stupid prison, but it would take me forever to cover all of that.


    • I won’t post any spoilers here since you’re at season 3, but it just gets worse. I seriously could have killed these bad guy assholes a lot quicker than these exerienced guys with guns seem to be doing. And I have no idea how to shoot a gun! I used to think I wasn’t ready for a zombie apocolypse, but after watching this show, I say BRING IT! I can kick ass if this is any indication of what to expect!


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