Using Facebook Events

Facebook Event

I ventured using Facebook Events this past year and I’m here to tell you that I will never use it again, and here’s why.

My hat is off to my friends that use this feature on a regular basis, especially my friends that have bands playing in venues. What I experienced making just one small event will forever change the way I respond and participate on an invitation from now on.

I wanted to have a small gathering this year and picked out just a dozen or so of people I really like (and some new friends I wanted to get to know better) to invite them using Facebook Events. Don’t misunderstand, it was easy to fill in all the blanks. Creating the event was probably the easiest thing I have ever done on Facebook. That wasn’t the problem.  

The problem wasn’t the people that responded with a Yes or a Maybe, or a private message, either. Thank goodness for those folks!!

The problem was the people that didn’t respond at all, or declined the second the event published, without a single word like “Have a great time, but I’ll be out of town that day. :)” I never knew I would need to develop a thick skin just using a silly event planner. Was it something I said? I didn’t mind the decline. I minded the silence.

The silence was deafening! 🙂 The number of folks that did nothing was amazing to me. I know these people. I was inviting them to my home and they weren’t even breathing loud enough for me to hear them.

Then I started thinking about my own lousy behavior when I get invited to something with a Facebook Event. 😦

Karma is a bitch.

Is it the Facebook vehicle that makes the party less seriously considered? Do the invited guests feel it’s okay to just ignore the invitation simply because it was on Facebook and not in their USPS mailbox? Has Facebook cheapened and sullied the invite process?

Or are we getting more and more rude as social networking becomes the norm and human contact becomes the extravagance?

Being invited to something used to make me feel super special. I cradled those invitations like they were badges of honor. I was so proud and happy to be considered worthy of getting an invitation.  These days I get oodles of invitations via Facebook and I might respond to one or two of them. And yes, I am also guilty of not saying anything at all and of declining without a single word of explanation or thanks.

Well, not anymore! After being on the receiving end I’ve decided that from now on I will be responding.

Oh and how about those Facebook Events?! Did you know that if you leave yours up that anyone can do a search for your name and see all of your past events? For a band or an entertainer this is a great record of performances, but for the average Joe, not so much. I see this as a tiny invasion of privacy, so I deleted my event. You might consider deleting your personal events too. It’s just good form.

Until next time, this is Madeline Laughs and if I send you an invitation, please RSVP. 🙂

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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4 Responses to Using Facebook Events

  1. I have this exact deal going on right now. I invited 12 friends to dinner. It’s been 48 hours and only my husband has said ‘yes’ and one other person is down as a ‘maybe’ which must mean he is hedging his bets in case he gets a better offer… I guess out intimate dinner just got even more intimate! xx

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    • Doesn’t that just drive you bonkers?! I finally stopped using them except for events where I really don’t need to plan for the number of guests coming. And I stuck to my promise to always respond to invitations too. I think the hostesses really appreciate that.


      • Yes it is driving me mad but also inducing horrid nobody-loves-me type paranoia. The last thing you want to be developing over when you just emigrated. I definitely expected more outpourings of love from everyone who I assume is missing me just as much (or possibly more?) than I miss them! I always reply to invitations too- it’s good manners xx

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      • If I were you, I would start contacting them one by one and asking them to RSVP. If you didn’t already, go back and edit your invitation to say RSVP with an addition to let your invited guests know that you would love to see everyone there, but you realize lives can get busy. So don’t be afraid to decline if you can’t make it. In order to properly plan your dinner, you need to know how many of them are planning to attend. And for those that can’t make it, there will always be another one in the future because you miss them.


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