Why I watch awards shows :)

A "hot set"

A “hot set”

It’s award show season! I love them all! SAG Awards, The Golden Globes, the Grammys, People’s Choice and culminating to an incredible award season climax with the OSCARS!

But why do I watch awards shows?

Why do I love them?

I think when I explain it to you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I have always made a big deal out of Oscar night. It could be because I worked in the motion picture industry for a few years, but it’s not. I was making a huge deal out of Oscar night long before I walked into a hot set and took forbidden photographs with the Art Department crew on the sly, in protest of the long hours we were working.


hot set (plural hot sets)

  1. A film set in which furniture and props have been positioned for an imminent shoot, so labeled to prevent said items from being moved and thus compromising continuity in the finished product.

~ definition from Wiktionary  

There have been years when to celebrate awards night I will find out what food will be served to the stars and cook a similar menu at home. I’ve had Oscar parties and rolled out a red carpet remnant with a mini can spotlight shining on our guests as they walked through the front door. If I can find a listing of the nominees I will print it out and have everyone choose who they think the winners might be ahead of time and give a prize to the person that gets the most correct answers.

Yes! I love awards shows, but I really love the Oscars!

The fashion is definitely something I enjoy. I’m not a true fashionista, but the dresses and gowns are something to be admired. The red carpet walk starts hours before the actual show and if I can not watch every single second of it, I always record it to watch later. I marvel at the artistry and craftsmanship that surrounds what everyone is wearing. The beading, the sequins and the styles. Not to mention the hair and makeup and jewelry! How can you not be completely awestruck by it all?! It’s a parade of beauty.

But that’s not the whole reason I watch awards shows.

I watch them because it’s interesting to me to see all of these famous people, all in one spot, mingling together. They laugh and chat. They hug and some cry with joy. There is a real love between them that is for the craft, more than it is for themselves. All of them already know what they go through just to be allowed in that ballroom.

Actors give us so much of themselves that is deeper than we will ever be able to appreciate, because unless we are actors, we will never truly understand it. They expose an emotional rawness to the public, even the comediennes are digging deep. They put it out there and know they will be judged. That judgement is not always sweet. The general public has absolutely no filter when it comes to ripping an actor to shreds. Actors already know this is part of the job description, and they take it in stride.

I’d like to know how many of you would even bother applying for the job if that was listed as one of the qualifications.


Can you find me in this picture? Who else do you recognize?

Can you find me in this picture? Who else do you recognize?

Did you know that most of the movie stars we admire might not have even finished high school, or attended college? There are film crews with more academic credentials than the stars of the show. And while you might think everyone is trying to be a film star, there are many more people trying to get a job on a film crew, than there are actors.

I remember applying for my first job on a film crew. I have an art degree, but I was still worried this might not be enough. I was told that education, unless I graduated from a film school, was never considered. The willingness to be a team player and work long hours was more valuable. I had both of those qualities and so I was hired.

Knowing that anyone can make it out there, regardless of a diploma, and some can make it in a grand way, is reason enough for me to sit in front of my television set during awards season and applaud each and every one of these amazing people. I’m not saying that you should forget about your education, but I am saying that sometimes it’s more about how much of yourself you’re willing to share with others, than it is about what you think you might know. They remind all of us that dreams can come true and they renew my faith in human beings every single year.

The fashion, the jewels and the revelry is simply icing on the cupcake ❤

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