Are you backing up your computer?


















I was watching a rerun of Sex and the City the other day. It was the one about the time her laptop crashed and she lost everything she had ever written. I know that kind of pain and frustration. I have also suffered through a crashed hard drive, which resulted in losing every single digital vacation picture from trips I might never be able to take again. It was devastating!

My computer guy asked me that same thing, once we realized that my old hard drive was just not going to put out anymore. He asked “But you have a backup, right?” Well, no I didn’t. Who backs up anyway?! I thought that was an urban myth!

If we do nothing else together this year, let’s definitely do this. Let’s all go out and buy a thumb drive and back up the things and files and pictures and written words on our computers that mean something to us!!!


How to use a USB Flash Drive in 7 Easy Steps with Pictures!!

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3 Responses to Are you backing up your computer?

  1. Impower You says:

    Yes indeed! Back it up!
    I have a few USB drives from old comuters, and now I save everything to the cloud like Google Drive and Dropbox.

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  2. weight2lose2013 says:

    What I do is get all of my software that I use installed before I even go online. Once the software is on, then I’ll make an image of my O/S and put it on my personal cloud. All of my data that I create, i.e., spreadsheets, word docs, photos, music, etc., gets saved to an external drive. So, when it’s time to reformat, all I have to do is re-write the image and not have to worry about losing data.

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  3. Great advice – and don’t forget to back up your blog as well – WP make it easy to do Madeline 😀

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