the Happy Sea :)

me and Angie on our Happy Sea :)

me and Angie on our Happy Sea 🙂



I think “rude and harsh” behavior really means “oh crap! She’s figured me out and knows what a butthole I really am! I must deflect! I must deflect!

I’ve decided to take statements that are obviously insulting, in a whole new way.

Please feel free to adopt my method.  

Oh, you’re so upset that I’m hanging out with these friends instead of with you that you would say something mean to me? Well, I am so touched that you miss me this much and always want to be around me. I like you too.

So, you think I’m fat? Well now I’m blushing! I never knew you paid so much attention to my figure! Thank you for caring enough to check me out! Perhaps we can work on our waistbands together after the holidays.

Wow! I am so happy you took time out of your busy day to share your wealth of knowledge with me. Thank you so much for explaining that in such a succinct and powerful way. You are awesome!

I am so blessed that I’m the person you like to talk about. It’s almost like you know me, better than I know myself! 

Thank you so much for getting me fired from that job! How did you know that a much better opportunity was just around the corner for me? You are so smart! I am so much happier in my work now and it’s all thanks to you!  

I’m going to come up with a scientificky name for this new method because it works like magic when someone is trying their best to be mean to you. It’s kind of like my friend Kim’s method of smiling and saying “Not today.” It just diffuses the anger and takes all of the wind out of the bully’s sails.

Now all they can do is float in your Happy Sea.

Smooth sailing to all of my peeps this year and remember that just because someone is ugly to you, it doesn’t mean it’s true or that you have to feel bad. Just turn that insult into a compliment and let them know that they just boarded the Good Ship Lollipop.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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