the Secret to Purging clothing


You’ve probably read all of the advice about “if you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it!” articles and I have to confess that I have tried that and it just doesn’t work for me. There are some things that are special occasion that I just can not toss, no matter how old it is. I bet there are items in your own closet you can’t apply that too either. So what do you do when the door won’t close because it’s so packed full?  

I was watching an Oprah show once when she made the comment that she stopped wearing clothes unless they made her feel fabulous. That was something I could totally get on board with! If I put it on and it feels awkward, or doesn’t fit right, then I toss it! I don’t even think about it anymore and I find that I don’t miss it either. It wasn’t meant for me to wear it!

How does the purge work?

If you’ve ever tried to purge your closet or your folded clothes all in one day, I bet you’ve had a hard time doing it. I can’t do that either. For me, the purge happens all year long.

When I had a walk in closet I arranged my clothes according to colors. Then I would create outfits during the week going down the color spectrum. That was kind of fun and the purging was easy! Now that I have a much smaller closet I arrange clothing according to season and still start at the beginning to the end of the line of clothes, unless there’s something particular I want to wear.

If I put on something that doesn’t feel good, or fit right, I keep a stack of paper and plastic bags in my closet and this item goes right into a bag and down the laundry chute to the yard sale box right then. I don’t wait or hesitate. I go with that feeling right away so there’s no regret or remorse.

And that is the secret to the purge! Don’t second guess yourself. Just toss it!

Good luck out there purging those clothes you don’t wear anymore. Let’s do something together in 2015! Let’s get rid of some baggage!!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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