Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation

from the Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehab page on Facebook. Go Like them today!

from the Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehab page on Facebook. Go Like them today!

A lot of turtles have been rescued due to cold stunning this season.

The good people at the Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation Center are doing a great job!  

Cold stunning happens to sea turtles when the ocean temperatures dropped exponentially fast. I learned that a turtle suffering from cold stunning loses it’s ability to dive beneath the surface. This leaves the turtle helplessly floating on or very near the water’s surface and unable to escape predators or a boat motor.

I am thankful that many of them are close to shore when this happens and that there are people out there that look for them and make sure they are rescued.

I am most thankful today for the people in my life, but I am also thankful for the people that take care of the beautiful creatures on Earth so that they can continue to amaze us for years to come. Without them, there can be no us.

No matter where you are in the world, you can do your part to take care of nature and her wildlife. Volunteer at a center or a shelter, go to your local park and pick up trash or start a grassroots program to educate others about preserving and caring for the world around us.

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3 Responses to Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation

  1. somethingaboutearth says:

    We love trash picking and nature conservation! Let’s hope a good recovery to those good things.

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  2. I try to my own little bit here at home, we planted milk weed for the butterflies, hang feeders for the hummingbirds, have planted flowers & veggies for the bees, plus we don’t use chemicals on the flowers or garden. It is a bit selfish because we enjoy all the critters in the backyard!

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