GOD has a Facebook page


I just noticed that Jesus Christ, Satan and God all have their own Facebook fan pages now. God has a really good sense of humor on his page. There’s an insane number of people Liking all of these pages on Facebook too.

Does anyone, besides me, wonder who’s running those pages?
Seriously…they can’t run all by themselves.  

Was anyone surprised that their religious leanings have been dumbed down to the level of a Facebook fan page? I find that very humbling. If people think it’s irreverent and disrespectful then they aren’t forced to participate in this kind of debauchery, but I bet they do.

I agree that all of us need to have a sense of humor and that lightening up on certain topics might make volatile subjects much easier to debate and peaceably conclude, but there are so many more narrow-minded and buttoned up folks out there that have absolutely no sense of humor or of the surreal and they take everything so personally. They dive in with their self righteousness and their put-upon bullshit petulance and disrespect everyone else in the group, simply so they can be the loudest person in the room. If they stomped their foot and threw themselves on the ground screaming mimies, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.

Where in the world did they come from?

Doesn’t every religion in the world teach about being gentle, peace loving and humble in their beliefs? Because I don’t know of any that teach us to be cruel, pompous and arrogant or warlike.

As for me, I believe that all religion comes from within my own heart. I truly believe that what I put out there will come back to me eventually and that includes the bad stuff. I think that loving kindness and hope are a better way to conduct myself than trying to reach out and hurt someone. I believe in sticking up for and defending those that can not defend themselves, but I believe in doing that with love and understanding, not with violence or malicious intent. I believe in Karma.

I do not believe in self righteous acts, brick and mortar churches, and I do not believe in preachers.  I think we can get more positive activities accomplished by being open and willing to help and I do not believe land with a house and a steeple is a great way to spend hard earned money. I think money spent to support buildings should be spent on shelters for people that need shelter. I stopped believing in preachers when I read about people like Jim Jones, Jim Bakker, David Koresh, Pat Robertson, Matthew Hale, and on and on and on.

For now, God has a Facebook fan page and his posts make a lot of sense and keep things lighthearted and funny. I think this is some of the best religious behavior I’ve seen in a good long while, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing him in my Newsfeed.

Just ponder that for a moment.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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