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One of my friends has a couple of interesting tattoos.

One of them is the motorcycle wheel with wings, except one of the wings on hers is upside down. It is not the best looking tattoo I’ve ever seen and I had a lot of questions about why she got this particular bit of ink. She patiently explained to me one day that the tattoo artist did this on purpose because he said no one ever knew if she was coming or going. I looked very closely at it again and said to her Ā “I think when he realized he had screwed up your tattoo he knew he had to come up with a good story to tell you so you wouldn’t start asking for a refund.” Ā 

Another one looks just like a piece of broccoli. After calling it broccoliĀ a few times she poked her arm in my face and said to me, “This is not a piece of fukkin’ broccoli! It’s a unicorn with clouds around his head!”

Well, now she reaaaaallly regrets telling me she has a unicorn tattoo. Yeah, I bet she’s wishing she just let me think it was broccoli.

In her tattooed defense, she does haveĀ an awesome dragon on her hip. The tattoo artist got that one right!

I think it takes a lot of guts to get a tattoo. I don’t have any, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t given it some serious thought.

Tattoos are a statement folks make about themselves, and they are very personal.

Some are made to be seen all the time, and some are made to be easily hidden. I will always be fascinated to check out another person’s personal art because it gives me a small window I can peep in to learn who my friend was when they sat down for ink…and who they are now once the ink has dried and the picture might haveĀ faded a little.

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A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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1 Response to tattooed and personal

  1. kimstag says:

    I love this post I have 8 small ones that I love but they’re all in places that can’t be seen at first glance and I love that xox

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