Why I don’t wear foundation make-up

smear your lipstick

I am not a fan of foundation makeup. I’ve tried to like wearing it, but it is just not for me. I have ruddy cheeks too because of all the Nordic blood running through my veins, and still I can not get on board with wearing foundation to even out my skin tone. I wear powder though. I love wearing powder. My go to color is translucent. Physician’s Formula make a skin correction powder that I absolutely adore and it evens out the colors in my face with no effort at all.

Why don’t I like to wear foundation?

I don’t like to wear it because it feels like a thin mask on my face. My pores scream for air and eventually I either sweat it off or rub it off because I start to feel like a rash is happening. It’s probably just my own neurosis, but I can’t do it.

The other reason is at night when I would wash it away and present the “real” me to the world. This has always been something that bothered me. It’s the same reason I can’t stuff my bra, or wear a wig, or extensions, or false eyelashes. What happens at the end of the day when you remove all of the fake stuff and you have to look at the real you? Are you happy with what you see? Are you confident walking into the bedroom where your significant other is waiting? Do you ever wonder if they get frightened by what they see?

I know for some people wigs are a medical necessity and foundation might cover something that makes it difficult for others to face the world. My heart goes out to them. But for someone like me that simply has skin and thinning hair, these things would be mere vanity. I don’t really need them.

I’ve always felt a primal need to remain real, or as real as anyone can be. Can you imagine a world where what you see is truly what you get? How sweet would that be? Here I am!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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10 Responses to Why I don’t wear foundation make-up

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  2. Ritu says:

    I’m actually the same, I don’t wear makeup full stop, unless I am going out, and even then, minimal… Foundation and me don’t go,,it slides off me, and I would rather my skin breathe too… And I feel like, this is me, accept it please… I have!


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  4. admin says:

    maybe because you have not found out a good foundation yet ? if it is the case, this article may help:

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