art as Art as artists, as People as human


Do you know the feeling when you see some of the abstract or modern art pieces and think to yourself “I could do that!”. You wonder how in the world this artist became famous and sometimes very wealthy, just from producing work like this.

Then you do your homework.  

This painting, simply entitled Black, is the work of world renowned artist, Ad Reinhardt. He died in 1967, but has installations and exhibitions in museums and galleries like the Guggenheim and MoMA, even today! He was revered not only for his paintings, but also for his insight and contributions of thought to the modern and abstract world of art we know today.

I’m pretty sure you couldn’t do that.

If you step closer you will be able to observe three separate colors and shades of black. Did you know that black is not considered a color at all? And yet, here it is, manipulated in three very different ways.

On the surface, everything looks easy enough. At first blush, people can also seem one dimensional and simple, but just as art and sometimes the artist has twists and turns with areas we have never even considered, people are just as complex and mysterious.

So the next time you feel like making a snap decision or harsh judgement simply because it looks easy enough for you, consider doing your own homework. Involve yourself in order to make an educated assessment, rather than relying on just what you see, or inaccurate observations you get from people that didn’t do their homework, or look closer, either. You just might surprise yourself with the nuggets of rich wisdom you walk away with.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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3 Responses to art as Art as artists, as People as human

  1. Very good points you make here! There is abstract art I like, and abstract art I don’t like, but it’s still art. And sometimes if I see something I really don’t like, I just keep staring at it, trying to figure out why I don’t like it. (And sometimes maybe, just maybe… that’s exactly what the artist wanted.)

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  2. Generalities and jumping to conclusions are easy ways to crash and burn…and get unhappy. Intriguing post

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  3. Hey, hey!!!

    You have been nominated by me for the Brotherhood of the World Blogger Award!!! Click the click to learn details!!! Xoxo

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