a tea kick :)

fro The Republic of Tea

from The Republic of Tea

For as long as I can remember, my husband and I have enjoyed a pot, or a cuppa, hot tea in the evenings. We don’t claim to be tea leaf experts, but we both know what we like. I am more of a black tea drinker, while my husband leans towards the green teas, rooibos and some herbals. Usually if I’m drinking an herbal, it’s to treat an ailment. I rarely drink them for taste, unless it’s a superfood tea blend.  



I stumbled upon The Republic of Tea years ago before it became so popular. They package their lovely round tea bags in tall tins, which keep the tea inside very fresh. I adore their flavors and how adventurous they can be with their tea blends. I even have a recipe on my blog here for an iced tea I make from their Pomegranate Green Tea. Our tea cabinet (yes, we have a cabinet full of different teas!) is filled with different tins from this company. We simply love them! I believe I signed up once a long time ago to be a Tea Ambassador, but I have no clue what happened there. I guess it meant I get samples occasionally, but no one from the company has ever asked me to do anything at all.

They also have a tea blog, which I find informative and fascinating. Here’s the link.

I think a well prepared cup of tea can fix just about anything wrong with your life! ~Madeline Laughs



I never knew that drinking tea could become a hobby! Our collection of teas, as well as the accoutrements that go along with this pleasure, have definitely claimed real estate in our kitchen. We have steeping cups, tea balls of all sorts, resting plates, a selection of truly divine tea pots and tea cups and even to go tea steeping cups made of insulated plastic. Those are handy! And they look so smart too. My husband has traveled around the globe and he always brings back some interesting collections of teas he finds on his many journeys.

I confess…I do love a great cuppa tea! I’m looking forward to sharing a pot of something steamy and aromatic with all of you someday soon. Take care, be well and drink a lot of tea for good health!

Please share your tea drinking obsessions with me in comments. I would love to read them!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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8 Responses to a tea kick :)

  1. Tejaswi says:

    I am still waiting for the Queen to come over and have tea with me.. (or so my wife says, since I snubbed her offer to open up the premium teas I bought.. not for plebeians and commoners I uttered pompously.. ) … and now.. I suppose they have gone stale 😦
    Assam gold, Darjeeling gold.. poonakandy… earl grey .. 😦
    But my wife.. the vile creature, she drinks the kind of tea that truck drivers in India drink to keep themselves awake.. vile stuff.. muddy brown.. soaked in tea leaves that were boiled over and over.. is it any wonder I refuse to share my tea leaves with her?? hahaha 🙂

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    • My cousins father used to pass his used tea bag around the table. He would get the first dunk, then his wife and then their daughter. By the time it got to Carol I’m surprised it could squeeze out any color or flavor at all. I’ll bet the first time she ever had a real cuppa tea, it blew her mind!

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      • Tejaswi says:

        Hahaha… you must write about that… that would make such a funny post..

        What a story that would be… I mean the phrase… “blew her mind”… just imagine that.. some crazy person.. who has never had tea in his life.. and he sits there wondering what it must be like…. and one day his father magnanimously hands over the “first dunk” rights to his son.. and he sips.. looks up at them, stares at them with utter hatred in his eyes, steps out, brings the shotgun and shoots them all..

        ok, ok, macabre.. but hahaha.. what a thought…

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  2. curioustealtd says:

    It’s great that even black teas are good for you, as you prefer them. We love your tea photo too. 🙂

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  3. susieshy45 says:

    I love strong black tea with a spoonful or two of sugar.

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