my favorite housewives

I would like to start out by admitting that my favorite housewives are my own friends that have been keeping house for real, for as long as I can remember. But on reality television, my favorite housewives are on the Bravo station.

Now hold on a second before I lose you! Before you pass a blanket judgement, you have to hear me out. 

I didn’t start out as a housewives fan. I was the polar opposite of fan because I actually loathed them. When I would see a trailer for one of the shows I would gag a little before racing to change the station.

Then one day I was laid up in bed under the covers suffering with a fever and too weak to use the remote *cough, cough* and I got sucked down the rabbit hole called “marathon watching”. This is when they air an entire season prior to a season finale, or just to fill space. It was a marathon season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and I was hooked!

There are so many of the housewives shows now, I swear I can not keep track anymore.

The Real Housewives of Orange County

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New York City

and the brand new one, The Real Housewives of Potomac

But believe it or not, I have favorites now. The ones I set my DVR to record are Orange County (also know as RHOOC), Beverly Hills (also known as RHOBH), and New York City (also known as RHONY). I have dabbled in episodes from Atlanta and New Jersey and have to tell you that those are parts of the franchise that give it a bad rap.

The ladies on Atlanta are always coming to blows. Seriously, they throw punches at each other. I wasn’t impressed with that. The ladies on New Jersey are all about incarceration and that’s not something I admire in anyone. I haven’t seen Potomac yet, but I’ve become such a RH snob that they would really have to bring their A game to get my attention.

One of my besties also watches the RH shows. When I was making my confession and she piped up that she not only watches them religiously, but loves them, well…I didn’t feel so bad about this guilty pleasure anymore.

Allow me to convince you that this is not trash television.

The RHOOC was my first show. As much as I tried not to like it, I found myself unable to stop watching it. I wasn’t hooked because the women were crazy, over the top or violent. I watched because they really were just being themselves. Oh sure, there is the occasional drama queen, but all in all, they touch on some very sensitive and thoughtful topics.

And get this…they aren’t all filthy rich (though some are) and all of them work their ass off.

That’s what blew my mind! When you see the trailers for these shows you’re thinking they’re all sitting around the mansion eating bonbons while their hubbys are out making the bacon. NOT TRUE!

If independent women turn you off, then these definitely aren’t the shows for you. 

If I were to identify with any of the housewives in Orange County it would be with Tamara because she speaks her mind and gets into trouble for it. I’d also identify with Shannon because she’s willing to try new things in order to live a happier and healthier life and I aspire to be half the human being Heather Dubrow is. She is just amazing.

This past season is was young Meghan King that blew my socks off! I hope she returns for next season. Kudos to her for being eloquent, outspoken and true to what she believes in. She never backed down from the false prophet, Vicki, and I stood and applauded each and every time she took her down a notch. Meghan is the person that says what everyone else is thinking, but are afraid to say out loud. She rocks!

Watch RHOOC just so you can see how Meghan gets it done. If anything, she’ll ramp up your own courage level.

My other favorite is New York. I was so pleased that Bethenny Frankel returned and I hope she stays on board a while so I can enjoy her. I decided to Follow her on Facebook and she posts the funniest comments! It’s nice to see her sense of humor and I would bet she is a side-splitting scream to hang out with.

This show has another lady that I think is outstanding and that is Carole Radziwill. Folks, she is a real live Princess and an accomplished author. Her published work includes a thoughtful book entitled What Remains and it is about the loss in her own life and how she’s handled it. Her latest book is entitled The Widow’s Guide to Sex and Dating. It’s witty, charming and extremely informative.

I adore her attitude and the way she handles some of the touchy situations that occur on the show. She’s never the person being an asshole. She stays true to who she is and yet always comes out on the classy side. How does she do that? I want to grow up to be just like her!

The last one I watch is Beverly Hills. You can’t go wrong with Lisa Vanderpump. She tells it just like it is and has a sense of English snobbery that lets you know that she can be just as naughty as the next one, and she can do it with an accent.

I love Elaine! She is a soap opera queen that was somehow passed over when the drama queen genes were being distributed. She is down to earth and a pleasure to watch as she maneuvers the insane antics from some of the other wives on this show.

Now I’ve made it a point to steer away from a lot of negative comments here, but I do have to say this one thing…

Dear sweet Lisa Rinna (and I can pretend you’re reading this), you are adorable and I have loved you since the daytime stories, but please, please, please stop talking about your diaper commercial. That poor company paid you a king’s ransom to promote their product, so unless their check bounced, don’t you owe them a bit more respect? Nobody is saying you wore diapers and most mature people know it was a commercial. Besides, the folks that are wearing those diapers as a result of your amazing gift of humble humility are incredibly grateful to you for making this seem not so bad after all. You are an angel and one of my favorite housewives.

Does any of this sound like fodder to you? Because these are real people, living real lives. It just happens to be toted as trash television, when trust me, it’s not.

If you have some time, tune into one of the shows I watch and leave me a comment with your reaction. I’d love to know what you think.



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