dying to win Death’s Jackpot


death and worms

I think one of the sleaziest declarations a person can make to a loved one is “I’m cutting you out of my Will!” or “I’m going to disinherit you!” or “When I die you’ll get NOTHING!” or the latest in a long line of threats…“You missed your chance!”

Who makes these kinds of threats and what exactly do they mean?

The person that gives you this kind of an ultimatum has run out of other ideas to torture you. They have reached their limit of creativity when it comes to keeping you in line and under their control. The absolute last resort is to throw the proverbial Last Will and Testament in your face.  

Do you know what this person is really saying to you?

I can bet you have no clue, so let me tell you a little secret.

They’re telling you that they have absolutely no plans to leave you anything when they die. But they knew that before they threatened you. They never planned to leave you anything in their Will and probably won’t even mention your name. That is, if there is anything left to leave after they take their dirt nap. Most of the time people that make these kinds of bluffs will either spend the paltry savings they have on enormous doctor bills, or they’ll leave behind huge debt that collectors will start harassing you to satisfy.

This person is also telling you that they have no respect for you. 

Oh, but then there are the people that cower at the thought of being left nothing when a family member or loved one dies. No money, no jewels and no imported china pattern to hock. Oh yes, even worse than the shrews demanding attention for an imaginary payoff when they’re dead and gone, are the sniveling and worthless cowards that cater to their whims in order to stay in good favor. Those are the ones you need to keep a distance from because they will find any excuse to throw you under the bus in order to stay on top of the make-believe inheriting pile of losers.

Besides, I can’t imagine that pretending to love and respect someone, while you’re looking forward to the day they read the Will, can be a very rewarding existence for you, or for them. There’s nothing material in this world that I need that badly.

Here’s what I think.

First, and most important, it’s no one’s business what you plan to do with your worldly remains after you die, not even the person you’re leaving everything to. This is a very personal and private matter. Once you’ve thrown this out there to the masses, it sends the message that nothing is truly sacred to you. You don’t even hold your own demise with any kind of reverence or solemnity.

If you ever threaten me with the lack of an inheritance because I won’t act the way you want me to, or I won’t kiss your ass on a daily basis, then hold fast to your threat and leave me nothing.

I won’t love people just because I think there will be a payoff after they die. 

I love people, because I love them. 

I know someone that worries constantly about this and I always tell her that I’m quite sure she will outlive me. What’s more important is that I want to enjoy the time she’s here with me and alive because once she’s gone, nothing she leaves behind will matter much to me anymore. It’s the little things that make this life here mean something. It’s being together and caring about each other that gives life substance. Without that, it’s not a life anymore.

So if you’re out there today and you’re just dying to cash in on Death’s Jackpot, just remember that working hard, knowing yourself and having the confidence to build a life you can be proud to live, will always outweigh anything someone might leave you after they’re dead.


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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4 Responses to dying to win Death’s Jackpot

  1. Tejaswi says:

    Now, what on earth happened? And I bet you said this very thing to whoever it was who got you all riled up about leaving you nothing in his/her will 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amen! Never in my life have I heard these phrases more than I have recently from my in laws. They all use this guilt tactic! I’m appalled every time it’s brought up and finally had to start letting them know that they truly can’t buy my love. It’s just not for sale.


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