steamer pots

I was sitting in the waiting area of my hairdresser’s salon one afternoon when a very disturbed gentleman entered to wait his turn for the barber that also has a chair there.

“I just came from the King’s Daughter thrift store looking for my dam crab pots! My wife said she might’ve left them out for the thrift store to pick up and she can’t remember which one it was! I’m gonna keep looking all day until I find them. I had two of them. One was brand new!”

He received rumblings from the barber that was busy giving another gentleman a trim.

“I just don’t understand it!” the man continued. “Why in the world would you get rid of two perfectly good steamer pots?! It don’t make good sense to me!”   

More rumblings ensued with nods all around indicating that this man was not insane about his hunt for the missing crab pots.

“You know what she told me?!” He waited for acknowledgement that he once again had their undivided attention. This was going to be the coup de grace and he wanted his fifteen minutes. He leaned forward in his chair and fixed an incredulous expression on his face before he took off with the punch line.

“She. Told. Me. That I prolly left those crab pots in my duck blind last year. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! IN MY DUCK BLIND!!”

Laughter erupted in the room. I sat there totally transfixed and completely in the dark about why this was so darn funny, but I laughed too.

“In my duck blind. Is she serious? I ain’t never cooked a single lick of nothin’ in a duck blind in my whole life. I tell ya. I’m gonna need an extra boat next year during hunting season just to bring back all my kitchen crap, I guess.” 

I don’t really know what just happened here, but I’m pretty sure his wife owes him an apology.

I wonder if he ever found the pots!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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