When good magic goes bad


Space Cowboy setup his next trick. He claimed that this would be the most dangerous thing we would ever see. No pictures or video was allowed as we were assured we would never forget what we were about to see. I just love magic acts!

He picked a volunteer out of the audience and proceeded to show the items involved in his trick. A wooden board, solid with no trap doors, placed on a table. This board had 5 set peg holes that would hold the blade of a very sharp and lethal looking knife. He told the volunteer over and over again that it was very sharp and the knife just gleamed under the circus tent lights. There were also five Styrofoam cups, as big as a Big Gulp cup.  

The object was to pick one hole and set the knife blade in it and then cover all five holes with the cups so that Space Cowboy, through reading this volunteers body language, would guess which cup hid the blade. Once he felt he had a strong vibe from the volunteer about which cup did not have the blade hidden beneath it, he would flatten the cup using the palm of his hand, the crowd would gasp with terrified shock, and then holding the flattened cup for them to see, they would applaud wildly!

To flatten the large Styrofoam cups he would raise the palm of his hand over the cup bottom and then slam his hand down with enough force to flatten the cup. Try this at home with a 20 oz. Styrofoam cup placed upside down. It’s no easy feat!

The first flattened cup lay at his feet on stage.

Then he guessed another triumphantly!

He was amazing!

The third guess he tried using the timbre of the volunteers voice to determine which cup hid the lethally sharp blade. The volunteer said “one, two, three” as Space Cowboy held his hand over each cup. He thought he had an accurate guess, raised his hand and WHAM!!!  He slammed his palm down on the cup’s bottom!

I had been putting my hands over my eyes as each cup was smashed and removing them as the crowd gasped. I removed my hands, smiling and applauding, I saw a gush of red spurt forth over his hand and I heard a crunch as the cup flattened and the knife pierced his real live flesh.

Space Cowboy reached down, removed the knife from his palm, it was stuck all the way through, and grabbed a piece of black fabric from the floor and wrapped his hand. He was still smiling. I was enthralled thinking this was the best bit of special effects I had ever seen!

“Folks, what you’ve just witnessed was not part of the act. In fact, it is very bad. I apologize that I won’t be able to continue tonight and as you can see the medic is coming this way now. Thank you and good night.”

He exited stage right.


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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