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are you wearing my underwear


Life is busier than ever and it’s hard to fit in something like bra shopping. Who has time to find the perfect bra? Or even worse, to make sure it fits correctly, or that you’re comfortable and love wearing it? Let’s be honest, what’s the first thing you take off when you walk through the front door after a hard day at work? That’s right ladies! You reach under that blouse, snap those hooks in the back and then breath a huge sigh of ecstasy as that bra releases your babes and you can finally fill your lungs to capacity.  The bra hits the floor, or gets slingshot across the room until tomorrow when you have to put the dreadful thing back on again.

Do you even know why removing your bra after wearing it for eight hours is such a relief? It’s because you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you correctly. A good bra is like wearing your favorite sweats and my friend Kat Migliore is here to prove it to you. Kat is the marvelous owner of Luxury, your one stop shop for intimate apparel and pampering accessories, located at Scarborough Faire in Duck, NC.

luxury store

“Luxury is a lingerie and beauty boutique featuring lingerie, pajamas and underwear, as well as beauty and lifestyle products to compliment and enhance your everyday experiences. We offer professional bra fittings in hard to find cup sizes, and keep your purchases and preferences in our files so you can easily continue shopping with us if you happen to be visiting while on vacation in the Outer Banks. We carry a wide variety of bras and styles from basic to fancy. Bring us your boobs and let us help you look fabulous!”

~from the Luxury website

This year Luxury Lingerie and Beauty Boutique is flexing their angel wings by offering  their own special and unique brand of service with custom bra fittings and lingerie parties that come to you!

Girlfriends are the best medicine I know of, so why not plan a fun night out with a group of your favorite pals, and maybe some new faces too.  How much more luxurious pampering can you get than intimate apparel to pick from in a home setting with your closest friends? It’s a gala for the girls that celebrates being a woman. If this sounds like something you might look forward to, than search no further than right here in our own hometown.

Luxury store 2

In addition to offering the new custom bra fitting parties, Luxury is also offering another new service for taking care of their clients. If you have an older aunt, a grandma, or even a mom who may get tired going to the store but still has undergarment needs, then just give Luxury a call. If  you are working every day and the last thing you want to do on your day off is run around doing errands. Luxury can help! They will send one of their lingerie experts to you to do a bra fitting and help you get the undergarments you need at no charge! All you have to do is call to arrange a time and tell them what you are looking for and they will do the rest!

All of Luxury’s inventory is also live on their website from bras to sleepwear to romance and bridal, this is the place for everything you’ll ever dream of wearing. You can browse around at your leisure for anything you might be interested in purchasing online, or find those items you would be interested in having at your next custom bra fitting soiree.

While you’re navigating the website be sure to check out the Bring Me Your Boobs Blog. This is where Boob Wrangler Professionals share their knowledge about everything to do with bras and wearing them. You can learn about how long a bra is viable and when you might want to clean out your bra drawer and restock with fresh ones. Perhaps you’d like to know how to care for the bras you have or what to wear with different types of bras? It’s all here! The blog even discusses how to recycle your old bras and Luxury is a certified bra recycling drop-off location.



I think what this local store is doing for the gals of the Outer Banks this year by coming to them is simply gorgeous. What other retailer do you know that would offer this kind of special service? Of course, it’s also a real luxury to live close to Luxury. This shop is one of my favorites to visit. Walking in the door reminds me of a decadent, deliciously scented Parisian pastry. It’s just small enough to give you that one of a kind feeling and large enough to hold anything you need to make yourself feel and look amazing. While everything in the shop has that rich vibe and feeling, it is all affordable and priced to sell. Besides, aren’t you worth it?!

So let’s invite some girlfriends over for a Bra Fitting Party. Luxury will bring a large variety of styles and sizes and fit all of your friends! They can buy the bra that evening and have fun hanging out! Serve a few nice wines and maybe some nibbles to make the night super special and lots of fun.

Whether it’s a party, or just some good old fashioned personal pampering for yourself or a loved one, make sure you put Luxury on speed dial.

Luxury is located in Scarborough Faire shopping center on 1177 Duck Rd, Suite 46, Duck, NC. They are open all year round but hours vary by season. Call anytime to check 252-261-7261. You can hear store hours on the answering machine anytime! We can cater to private party (bridal shower or custom event) needs by special appointment.





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