Dear Sandy Bottom Construction Company

tree stump

Dear Sandy Bottom Construction Company,

The neighborhood didn’t say anything when you ran heavy equipment until late in the evenings, shaking all of our houses on stilts so badly that things fell from shelves. We didn’t comment when your bulldozer plowed down our street signs and turned them into garbage. We silently watched as your lot clearing crew ravaged the Earth and cut down every single tree, except one. The one you kept was quickly butchered and may not even live long enough to see the Sold sign. Do you think maybe you could have taken a page from Davenport’s manual of considerate construction and left a few trees for privacy and climate control’s sake?

I had to keep reminding myself that you were trying to build a home for someone and not just a sidewalk.  

Wouldn’t trees be nice to shade them in the summer, but also to keep those hurricane force winds at bay? Speaking of those trees along my fence line. Those sure would have been nice right now when the wind is blowing at 80 mph, but thanks a bunch for clear cutting that lot right before Hurricane Season officially began. Yeah. That was awesome. And hey yo! I thought our 100 year old oak tree in the back yard that we have lovingly cared for all these years had way too many branches on it too. *insert sarcasm here* Your greed and your haste has laid her bare because the lush landscape that protected her was destroyed all because you wanted to make a buck or two.

How about when your backhoe guy tore down part of our fence? I called you and I was really nice, considering. You told me he would come back and fix the damage he caused. It’s been almost two weeks and while your construction crews have wasted no time banging stuff into place during the wee morning hours, that backhoe guy has never returned and my fence still lays on the ground in tatters.

Thanks so much for making sure your loose boards and plywood sheets were tied down safely so nothing would blow into our home and destroy it. NOT! It looks like your guys just walked off the job when the rain started and left every man for himself over here. What do they care if your crap gets blown all over our streets and possibly does damage? If your promises to fix my fence are any indication then you have no plans to repair it anyway, right?

You guys are the best. 😦

I really hope you find some buyers that have no idea that those new homes are sitting right in the path of destruction with absolutely no protection from the Atlantic Ocean’s wrath every year starting in August. They will constantly be dealing with the seasons and replacing their window screens and landscaping, broken lawn furniture and damaged windshields. Not to mention the relentless heat of the summers and the humidity that brings mildew and other critters out of the woodwork, all because you took away their trees.

But us?

Oh I’m not worried about us once those new houses get built, because we’ll be safely tucked behind them. 🙂

I call that karma.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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