I can relate

one man band

I know this musician that has a new CD coming out. He dislikes doing promotional work and part of that would be selling his own CD. He said it was really difficult to promote yourself and easier if someone else got up there and told other people how great you were.

I told him that I could totally relate to this and it took him a moment to make the connection.  

I love to write and I would spend every day sitting at my keyboard writing for you guys if I got paid to write whatever I wanted to write about and there was a team of others that went out and promoted my articles for me. But I don’t get paid and I’m a one man band over here.

Even though what I do write is put out here for free, it still disappoints me sometimes that I might be the only person that’s sharing it.

When one person comes along now and then, and they feel strongly enough about what I’m writing that they’ll click the Share button and tell their friends about it, it blows me away. Or how about the folks that like your writing enough to click the Follow button so they never miss a single post? Or they click the Like button below? Or even better, they comment! You guys are my Tribe! You are the reason I sit at my keyboard every morning and I bang out some random thought and try to make sense of the world.

That has to be a little bit of what love feels like, right?

I can relate


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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4 Responses to I can relate

  1. Great post. Where do we get the CD?
    Vermont Book Works

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  2. You have been a loving member of my Tribe for a very long time. ❤


  3. Like,Love;I’m here! Glad you are too!!

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