Goat Cuddling!


Painting by Melissa Saunders Perryman, goat farmer extraordinaire

Painting by Melissa Saunders Perryman, goat farmer              extraordinaire

My heart is filled with love for Gail Hobbs-Page this morning. Over my first cup of coffee I stumbled across this story about her outreach for something I had never heard of; goat cuddling! She sent out a request for volunteers all around to sign up for a session or two of goat cuddling at her Virginia cheese farm, Caromont Farm. After the birth of over 100 baby goats, she needed extra loving hands to cuddle, nurture and feed this full nursery of kids. Folks signed up from everywhere and I believe she ended up with over 2000 volunteers for the task at hand. Everyone was welcome!

I Googled the name of her farm to read more and was astounded to find this story was all over the Internet back in January and receiving new articles even today as more and more people showed interest. Everyone was writing about this heartwarming, modern day activity; goat cuddling.

I was in love and finally, I knew that I was  completely healed and had moved on.

Let's take a closer look! Photo courtesy of Melissa Saunders Perryman

Let’s take a closer look! Photo courtesy of Melissa Saunders Perryman

You see, for a few months I was plagued with the childish behavior of someone that tried to publicly humiliate me by calling me a goat. Instead of allowing the pettiness of one person ruin something this precious, or interrupt the serenity of my own life by making a goat a problem, I decided to do some of my own research. Goats, as it turns out, are actually pretty popular and sought after little beings!


They are adorable little animals that will eat everything from the ground to the leaves on a branch and can strip a forest for miles around if left to their own devices and not fed properly by the farmer. You have domestic goats and you have wild ones, but they are all rumored to have the same dispositions and they were one of the first animals to be domesticated by human beings.

It is said that a goat will eat just about anything and this is a falsehood. A goat will sample and taste just about anything, but they are very particular about what they actually consume. They stay away from anything soiled, contaminated and toxic.

Goats are very intelligent animals that retain any knowledge they incur while going about their daily activities. If they find a problem, they remember it. Their curiosity makes them aware of their surroundings and when confronted by a bully, they do not run. They are stalwart and face the bully head on, and they will fight back. I like that about them!

Photo courtesy of Melissa Saunders Perryman

Photo courtesy of Melissa Saunders Perryman

Beautiful and unusual creatures, I can see where a plea for Goat Cuddlers would never go unanswered. In the land of farms, a goat holds the promise of entertainment, mystery and endless contradictions by folks that never took the time to know the truth about them. I think the best virtues I took away from my exploration of this elegant creature is to never back down, stand my ground and to stay away from anything soiled, contaminated and toxic. That makes for a drama-free and happy existence and that’s something I can totally support!

The future looks bright for folks visiting Caromont Farm because Gail has plans to make a space for people suffering with PTSD, children with Autism and anyone needing the comfort and joy that Goat Cuddling brings. I’d say she has already given me a wee bit of that therapy today because this story brought a huge smile to my face and I’m feeling better already. And the icing on the cupcake? Some of her goats used to live on  the musician Dave Matthew’s farm. It’s karmic serendipity. 🙂

Note to Self: order goat cheese from Caromont!

This is Jim! Photo courtesy of Melissa Saunders Perryman

This is Jim! Photo courtesy of Melissa Saunders Perryman


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7 Responses to Goat Cuddling!

  1. I have a friend that owns small goats. They are adorable and love attention! This is great 🙂

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  2. You make an excellent case for goats … and I’m not allergic to their cheese and milk!

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  3. And they’re cure as all get out!


  4. What a great idea (although “goat cuddling” did make me laugh)!
    What’s even funnier–but not really funny bc it’s about an illness–is the article that was in yesterday’s paper. The CDC, according to the article, is warning individuals not to kiss their chickens because it has been known to cause salmonella! Gross!

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  5. gapawa says:

    Hi Madeline thanks for the follow:)

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