Relax, it’s the holidays




At a time of the year when traditionally we are all supposed to be slowing down and taking a moment to reflect on the last twelve months, people are pushing and steam rolling ahead faster than the speed of light. When our schedules are supposed to lighten because the weather is colder and it’s time to nap more, build a fire to sit by or cuddle with someone you love, we are all out here shopping like fiends, calling everyone we know and making those lists and checking them twice sometimes twelve times!

Not me.

Not anymore.


I have spent the last year re-learning how to be calm and to relax. This is the time of year I feel like I might graduate from that class with honors. Personally, I have accomplished beyond even my own hopes for myself. Learning how to relax has given me priceless gifts.

  1. I still get upset about mean people, but my recovery time has been cut by 75% percent. These days when I realize something or someone in my life no longer serves me in a healthy way, I cut it out. I’m not always that in tune and can still be shocked, but I don’t spin my wheels in that rut for very long anymore.
  2. I get more done, now that I take my time doing things.
  3. I appreciate the small stuff again. When you relax you notice them again.
  4. I am healthier. I don’t get as many colds as I used to and my allergies have calmed almost to nothing much anymore. My aches and pains are also lessened.
  5. I am more apt to spend time with people I genuinely love and respect, rather than spending time trying to figure out how to make someone like me. I am also not interested in large groups of friends anymore. It’s rare that a large group always gets along, but my experience has always been that most of them don’t even like each other. So these days you’ll find me in small groups of folks that all love each other. It’s more relaxing.
  6. I feel calmer. I am able to stop and take a hard look at ideas. I am able to make long range plans without always feeling like the deadline is going to eat me alive.
  7. I stopped embracing bad habits. I no longer embrace the term “fat girl” or “chubby” like I was doing. I decided back then that if I embraced it, then people wouldn’t be able to use it to hurt me. Today I reject it because I am not a fat girl. And guess what! Even if people try, they can’t hurt me like that anymore. I can always lose weight, but they will never be able to fix their blackened soul.


I used to always be living my regular life on a deadline. When I made the promise to stop being in such a big hurry and to stop trying to do everything at one time, I started to relax and relaxing is addictive. Not only have I become addicted to relaxing, it has made me more aware of what a good life is composed of. It’s not about how much you can do, or have or be, it’s about the quality of all of those things.

You will never make a great cake by rushing the recipe.

So sit down, put your feet up, lean back and relax during the holidays. Hug your loved ones and drink a nog or two. Whatever you have waiting to be done will still be there thirty minutes from now. If it’s not waiting for you, then it didn’t need to get done. Just think of the time you’ll start saving, once you learn how to relax!

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About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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12 Responses to Relax, it’s the holidays

  1. Nice post! I enjoyed reading it!

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  2. Thank you, sweetie! We can have our very own Care Bear Wrestling match!! LOL!


  3. paintdigi says:

    Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

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  4. Good for you! As for me and Xmas rush? I’m that beautiful cat stretched out on the sofa not really giving a damn. (Only I’m not as beautiful!)
    When I read your ‘fat girl / chubby’ comment I thought of this for you:

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  5. susieshy45 says:

    I love the relaxing part- in fact, I dig it. I try to follow it these days- life is not worth stressing about anymore.

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  6. Well, I’m loading my printer with Fuchsia & Cream color paper and pinning one copy to Refrigerator & other to Bathroom Wall ;~)
    Hmmm, many enlarge one and putting on the Ceiling over my bed.

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