Beauty…it’s just a paycheck away



I watched this video thinking that perhaps it was a joke or a spoof at first, but it’s not. This young girl actually burns her own hair off using a curling iron! The tears pressing against the backs of my eyelids were very real. My heart just broke for this sweet baby.

A curling iron is something we have no problem buying for our children once they reach their tweens. After supervising them a few times, they are then left to their own devices with the rest of us assuming they know the dangers and the consequences of not using them in the recommended way.

Yes, they can and will burn your hair off. So will a flat iron, curly haired ladies.

This video also made me think about the pressures young girls are under to pick, prod, pluck, shave and cover up everything that makes them look their real age.

When did this happen?  

When did being your age and looking your age become uncool?

I know the answer, but it doesn’t mean I like it. Women have been in the pressure cooker of LOOKS for ions. When I think of the stuff I have done and still do, all in the name of being pretty, it makes my head swim.

My hair alone can cost me a small fortune every month. And I have a LOT of hair, and I’m just talking about what’s on top of my head. I deal with the rest of the hair on my body too and it’s not cheap to maintain either.

Thankfully, I have a profession that doesn’t require wearing a lot of makeup, and some days I don’t wear any at all. But I do wear makeup. In the drugstore I walk down the makeup aisle with a solemn reverence because there are so many makeup gods and I don’t want to anger any of them lest they clog my pores and give me adult stage acne.

There are lipsticks, lip glosses, lip conditioners, matte colors, colors with glitter, neon colors, colors of the earth. brushes, curling tools, sponges, puffs, liners, mascaras, powders, foundations, cover-ups, cover sticks, cover pencils, charcoals, fake lashes, fake nails, stick on nails, stick on eye shadows, blushers, trays to mix it up in and stuff to take it off with!

Before we paint the face and the nails and sometimes, even the skin on the rest of our bodies with tanner, we have to fix the rest of what’s wrong with us naturally.

We have to shave the legs, the underarms and wax off the bikini line. There are times we wax off the entire pubic triangle! We bleach the teeth, color the hair, cover the gray, touch up the roots and moisturize the aging, the flakey, the spotted and the wrinkled. Tweeze the eyebrows, wax the chin hairs and pluck those pesky whiskers on our breasts. We can even bleach the freckles!

There are special combs and brushes to maintain our manes. We can pick it, tease it, curl it, crimp it, spike it and flatten it. We can perm it, straighten it, trim it, cut it, color it, bleach it and highlight it. We can add feathers, beads and precious jewels that sparkle. Hair can be pinned, pulled back in a barrette, twisted, bunned, braided, ponytailed and conditioned. We can gel it, mousse it and spray it so it doesn’t move out of place. We can condition it, detangle it, pomade it and smooth away fly aways.

We can even lather on product that makes it look like we never touched it at all and then deep condition it some more.

We pedicure and manicure, soak and soften. We slough off the callouses gained by wearing shoes that are too small and too tight. We treat the corns and come down with toenail fungus from poking a metal tool too deeply into a nail bed where it’s not meant to go. We clip the cuticles and whiten the nails peeking over the edge while being careful not to chip them because we must work for that paycheck.

There are French tips and nude tips, crackled, striped, polka dotted and blood red paints to polish and shine and buff to oblivion. There are toxic, paint removing chemicals we stock to remove it all when our nails yellow and crack from never having seen the light of day. Then we can treat them, spray them, bite them and pick at them but we will start all over again with the darkest polish to hide them because they are yellow and cracked from never having seen the light of day.

We deodorize the armpits and the crotch and we scent the rest of ourselves with some delightfully floral fragrance on our wrists, the neck and every pulse point and then some. We can even douche our insides so they smell like a Summer’s Eve, running on the beach with the one we love.

You like flowers honey? Well we can be one great big exotic bouquet of every bloom you’ve ever smelled and we can do it all on the same day with just some spray, goo, perfume and plaster.

There are stand alone, brick and mortar locations that can be filled from floor to ceiling with nothing else, except the tools a woman needs to maintain her beauty! I’m one of their best customers!  🙂

Let’s not even talk about clothes or diets.

I’m already exhausted.

Beauty…it’s just a paycheck away.

…do I smell hair burning?

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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9 Responses to Beauty…it’s just a paycheck away

  1. LOL!
    I’m happy with a graphite pencil mustache!
    All joking aside, I remember being a (very fat) teenager in a country where beauty ideals are an expected norm. Sometimes I think about the effect this had on me and literally flinch.

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  2. Regyna Longlank says:

    I can feel pretty just from being clean. But I have internalized the current beauty standards enough to need hair removal to really feel sexy. I’m ok with that. I am with someone who appreciates me regardless, I do it for me. I want to feel attractive, and I’m wiling to take the time and do the work involved to make it happen for myself.

    It’s true, even without makeup and the other visible options we do a lot of work to feel pretty. So do our mens…and let’s face it, we appreciate it. A lot. We appreciate all the grooming and the clean smells and the healthy body of our mates. They spend a lot of time prepping to look casual for us. And I for one am a fan.

    It’s fine to be come as you are. But it’s also nice to know that someone made the effort to prepare themselves so they might be attractive to you. It says I care about you and I want to make this nice. Which is awesome.

    Just please don’t burn off all your hair!


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  5. I’m sorry but I laughed. To answer your question ‘when did this happen?’ it happened when hair and beauty advertisers wanted to improve their bottom lines that’s when lol!
    The girl’s face reminds me of a few incidents in my younger days when stuff like that happened. It also highlights how today with the internet everyone is a teacher – even when they don’t know what they are doing.

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  6. susieshy45 says:

    Long ago I decided I was never going to remove my body hair and I never have except for my arm pits and my pubic area which it gets too itchy if I don’t . I am proud of my decision and I stick by it to this day. And I do wear midi skirts and show my legs off but with hair.
    A lot of people give me glances when I wear skirts but I really do not care.
    As to my head of hair, I have hennaed it on occasion to hide its grey but no hair colour for me. I do cut my hair at regular intervals though, which is more or less my only claim to vanity.:)

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