Hey! I made you a mixed tape *wink*


I’ve noticed lately that one of the new technological wooing techniques is emailing the object of your affection a song. Whether you’ve downloaded the song illegally or not, doesn’t seem to be the point. Sometimes it’s a video from Youtube, which is even better because that provides a visual and insures a much deeper impact.

One of my friends in the dating world said this corny guy in hot pursuit of her would email her a different song every night and attach it to an email entitled “Good Morning!”. The plan was that this email would be the first one she’d see in the morning and (hopefully) it would be the first one she’d read. And (hopefully) she’d download the song attached and listen to it while she read his poetic words. He was providing his own musical soundtrack.Β 

She said one morning there wasn’t a song attached because he couldn’t find a free copy anywhere so he told her the name of the song he had in mind instead. In his email he asked her “to listen to it in her honor” that morning.

I asked what her thoughts were about this most unusual courting technique.

She said most mornings she just hit her Delete key. She said it made her gag.

This electronic romancing seems to be the equivalent to the once popular Mixed Tape. I got quite a few of those tapes in my dating daze. If the guy was really classy, it was a 90 minute High Def cassette tape by Maxell. That showed he cared. They were usually full of sappy love songs that were supposed to convey to you, in the music and words of some long-haired 80’s band, what this particular guy felt for you. Songs like Don’t Stop Believin’ and Lights by Journey or All About Lovin’ You by Bon Jovi.

If it were a Breakup Mixed Tape it could also have songs like You Give Love a Bad Name.

This seduction has even taken off in a big way on Facebook.

Some of the single guys I’m friends with on Facebook will send spurts (pun intended) of music videos across the News Feed on a weekly basis. It almost feels like they’re strutting their street cred and shouting to the single womanhood out there “HEY! I am a super-hip, complicated and dark guy and this is what I listen to.”Β And you just know they want you to imagine them playing the electric guitar and wearing those tight, sweaty leather pants.


While I find the new tradition kind of hokey, I must admit that it is slowly growing on me. I know some of my girlfriends are quite moved by the new and improved Cyber Mixed Tape Courtship. It shows a softer, gentler side of the man. It demonstrates the evolution of the hard-to-get dude into the touchy-feeley dude. Perhaps this is the one that gives foot rubs and likes to drink fruity drinks.

It’s new agey.

It’s cute.

It’s cuddley.

And it’s free! πŸ™‚ LOL!!

It could also be showing that this guy has way too much time on his hands and very bad taste in music. Or that he’s too cheap to actually buy you a brand new CD, or even better…take you to a concert. But whether you’re on board with the new pursuit, or not, it’s worth giving it a chance. So sit back and have a listen. Someone loves you enough to send you a mixed tape and that’s a huge compliment…I’m guessing.

I leave you with this video as my closing. I still have a thing for those long haired 80’s bands!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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6 Responses to Hey! I made you a mixed tape *wink*

  1. I think it was so romantic sending her a song everyday ❀️🌹😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL! I hope you get your wish! ❀


  3. Steph JS says:

    I loved your post. The mixed tape thing was something I made for myself, but was never given as no bloke thought I was a ‘serious’ girlfriend to give to! 😐 But I enjoyed the nostalgia trip with your blog. Thanks 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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