a lucky rejection

Do you remember the conversation we had at our friend’s memorial?

The conversation where you said “We shouldn’t wait for situations like this to catch up with each other. We should stay in touch.” My heart literally sang!

It was so incredibly nice to be shown this welcoming and friendly presence after so many years of being shunned and mistreated by you. I was floored with gratitude. Perhaps it was the venue and the somber feelings of regret and loss that softened you that day. You were so beautifully warm after so many years of behaving  like an arrogant self-possessed jerk. 

I truly enjoyed those few minutes we spent talking, so I sent you a friend request on Facebook, something I rarely do anymore. I thought it would be the safest way to reconnect with someone like you. I see now you have declined the request and you marked it as spam so I can’t send you another one, as if I would even be tempted to do that now. I should feel silly. I should feel stupid. But what I truly feel is relief.

I’m sure you’ll find some way to feel like the bigger person for brushing off and discarding my small offering of friendship, but I am still feeling gratitude towards you, even today after this discovery.

Thank you for reminding me of who you have always been. I will never forget it now.

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

~Maya Angelou

People that treat you badly, do not change. They can be nice for the few minutes it takes to reel you back in, but when someone has already shown you they are a predator, they are still a predator and you are still prey.

Be nice if you have to be, but never, ever, mistake the predator’s few moments of common decency for anything other than what those few moments produce. Walk away and know in your heart that they were lucky to have spent those few moments basking in your light. They are better for having known you and you are stronger for having known them.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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6 Responses to a lucky rejection

  1. susieshy45 says:

    I think you are the bigger person here- you gave her another chance to catch up but she chose to remain behind and behind she always will be- behind you.

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    • Thank you, Susie ❤

      This is a scenario that happens so frequently with people and I don't think that those of us on the receiving end of such callous behavior ever stop to think how lucky we are that once again, we dodged a bullet.

      Instead the person is more inclined to feel exactly what the predator intended; unworthy, slighted, rejected, shunned.

      I want to flip the script because anyone that has the heart to forgive and move on and even the strength to reach out and reconnect with someone that has shown them nothing but hatred, is the better person.

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  2. This is question for self – Why?
    When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

    ~Maya Angelou

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  3. nat says:

    That’s what’s just happened to me. No surprise neither.

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