what is So Fascinating?


Today I am pondering the reasons a particular group of folks have for continuing to talk about me. I will give them this one thought and trust me, there won’t be a second one. I am thinking this might be my last post about people that gossip, but ya never know!

I have come to realize this type of mob mentality share a few common traits…

One of them is boredom and dissatisfaction with their own lives.

Here’s my advice; go out into the world and make your life fantastic and full of everything that brings you great joy. Only then will you find it tedious and plebeian to talk about other people.

Another reason is the attempt to develop a sense of superiority among their own peers. They feel like they have to prove something to their friends and if appearing to be so much better off than poor, little unfortunate “her”, then they are accomplishing something, in their own minds, at least.

Here’s my advice; If you want to make yourself look “bigger” in the eyes of your friends, tell them how much you love and appreciate them for putting up with you, instead.

Besides, no matter how many words you spit from your embittered lips, you will never be better than me. LOL! Oh the tongue in cheek irony of anyone thinking that simply tearing someone to bits with mean gossip makes them look better, is simply appalling, not to mention terribly ignorant. I have no more time to spare for that.

There is nothing so fascinating about my life that merits even a 5 second addition to the latest juicy gossip, unless you want to add to the conversation that I am not interested in being friends with you because you maliciously gossip about all of your friends. You can definitely turn up the volume when you share that little morsel, because it’s true. 🙂

I have opened the Testimonials section on my blog! Check out the fabulous words from some of my readers! They are the best! Now this is the kind of “talking about someone” I can get behind! Praise your friends and lift them up. That’s the best kind of gossip I know of. You can words from my friends on the Home page under Happy Readers, or click the link here: Happy Readers

Until next time this is Madeline, and I’m listening.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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3 Responses to what is So Fascinating?

  1. Screw them! Don’t ponder about what you can’t change. It sucks that people want to do that and being bitchy I could come up with a hundred reasons why such people do it but at the end of the day you’ll never stop them. It’s easier to ignore them and move along with life.

    Strangely enough (and I’m not having a go at you) but I find a testimonial page nearly as bad as an open slather page. Of course I have a testimonial page on my business websites but I don’t know how many people actually believe what’s there. Whenever I make such a site I always think it’s false praise, either because I asked for it or because people want to make me feel better. In the end like bad mouthing and gossip I just ignore it and move on.

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    • I do ignore the a-holes, however my husband gets put into situations with some of the worst offenders and I am forced to smile and be nice. My husband is such a good guy too. He hates it.

      I do ask for folks to let me know how they feel about my writing. Lol! Your comments are appreciated too. I get that some folks might think it’s a vanity page, and those are folks don’t faze me. If you check out my testimonials you’d see that I also want my reader to shine. They include a picture and links back to their blog, if they write one, or their business page. So, it’s not just all about me. 🙂

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      • My business websites have testimonials because it’s ‘expected’ in this day and age but when it comes to my blog it doesn’t take long to work out who is commenting praise for the sake of it an who actually means it.

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