What they don’t tell you about wearing deodorant/antiperspirant

I stopped wearing underarm deodorant/antiperspirant last year. It was an interesting process to go through and I am so happy to finally be on the other side of that. I wrote about that experience as it was happening here entitled; I don’t stink! 

“Chatting, drinking coffee and washing my face, I lifted my arm to apply deodorant when she wistfully said, “Oh, deodorant. I gave that up for breast cancer.” Her face was melancholy and sad. It was something I could tell she missed, but I understood why she never reapplied it.

This made me wonder how much I might be hurting myself too.”

What they fail to tell you about wearing deodorant/antiperspirant is that you probably don’t need it. It becomes a vicious circle and the more you wear it, the more you need to wear it. This is your body trying to tell you something. It’s kind of like a skunk spraying you with stinky stuff as a warning! Your armpit is putting out some stomach churning funk warning you that you’re probably poisoning yourself and your pits don’t like it.

When you finally give up that ritual and your body rids itself of the built up toxins from the chemicals you’ve smeared in your bare armpits all those years, you’ll find that your natural scent is not bad. In fact, I don’t have BO at all, not even when I sweat. I’ll happily lift my arm and let you smell my pit any time you want.

I’m not going to lie to you. It takes months for your body to make those adjustments and in the meantime you are going to stink. There are ways to help get you over that hump.

Several new natural deodorants are available now that do not contain any harmful chemicals, and they really do work. I enjoy Schmidt’s Naturals. There is a variety to choose from. I use the one for sensitive skin because after many months using the regular strength I started getting a rash. Turns out the skin in my armpit is sensitive! How’s that for a physical wake up call? All these years and I never knew how delicate that balance was!

I kept wipes handy too. I bought antibacterial wipes that were chemical free and used them whenever I felt not as fresh as I could be. Those were a lifesaver!

If you’re worried about sweat stains you can daub some cornstarch in your armpits to absorb wetness and keep you dry. I found there were days I just preferred to let my body do it’s thing and just sweat. It was remarkable to experience my own body actually working to stay cool.

Think about it! Our bodies can take care of themselves as long as we are willing to stop trying to clog it up, mask it over or remove parts. So my message to anyone out there that is thinking about changing their deodorizing regime is to be patient with yourself. Know that the first year will be the toughest, but from then on it’s smooth sailing!


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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11 Responses to What they don’t tell you about wearing deodorant/antiperspirant

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    As a dude who perspires I need deodorant because I have been known to stink after awhile.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. blondieaka says:

    An interesting post, Madeline…I knew all of that and still use it…I will now make a concerted effort to stop…I knew I should just didn’t so thank you 🙂 You have given me the little nudge I needed 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. nat says:

    No deodorant and no bra, no bath, less whole showers, no conditioner, as few use of the car as possible, few meat and sugar.
    This way of life as much as possible, as I can’t do that when I go to work.

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  4. Toortsie says:

    Thank you. It makes sense.


  5. askagimp says:

    I like to use milk of magnesium in place of deodorant. I have so many allergies that antiperspirant was killing my skin. It has worked rather well.

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