my Memorial to a rant

I read a Facebook post that let me know the woman that I knew back in 2013 has died. People are memorializing her on Facebook like she was a saint. Whether the woman ascends or descends, this girl here does not care.

Right after I heard the news I shared it with another friend and former victim of the same woman. She asked me how I felt and I told her truthfully “I feel nothing, but relief.”

May 12, 2013  

Yesterday she escalated her personal attack on me. She had her friend send a message to me with the threat that both of them were speaking with police regarding my claim that she was stalking me.

She posted on her fanpage, which is public, that she contacted the police department in her town to open a report to have her exonerated from my claim that she’s stalking me.

The only way she would know I have made any claims of having a stalker was if she was reading my blog…in other words, stalking me.

I have blocked every access she has to me that I can possibly block.

In my line of work, I must have a security clearance, so when I saw she had involved law enforcement, I am compelled to follow suit and contact them myself. And I did that this morning.

I spoke with Officer Bob at the Police Dept this morning and no such report exists and she has not called their department for any reason at all over the last decade. Her claims to have contacted law enforcement are lies. However her comments about it on Facebook are considered harassment. As per his instructions, I have reported her to Facebook.

He offered to visit her in person on my behalf and I asked him if I could try to handle this on my own and as discreetly as possible before resorting to that measure. I still have that option though. He said if I needed him to, he could speak with her to let her know that she was indeed breaking the law and that she should stop. He said that because of her age she might not be aware she was doing any harm and that older women that act out like this are usually just very lonely and have nothing better to do with their time.

I do not know this woman.

I have never met her.

I did not seek her out on Facebook. She connected to me through a mutual friend, so I have no previous history with her at all. The only connection I have to her is on Facebook.

I have no idea why this total stranger thinks she has the right to attack me in any way, especially when the only thing I have done to her is delete her from my friend list when she started bullying and threatening me.

This is one of the most surreal and bizarre things that has ever happened to me.

I will not be pursuing any of this in a legal way, unless she continues along this route. At the moment my only participation will be to inform my friends that are connected to her in any way here on Facebook and to make them aware of what she is doing.


This was my experience with a Facebook profile, one person that I innocently accepted a friend request from. This was someone I thought was genuine, sweet and harmless from what I could read and see online and she turned into my worst nightmare for the next three years.

and do you want to know why?

She attacked me because I refused to allow her to control and manipulate me online.

I am allowed, in fact it is my duty, to finally and joyfully feel relief and freedom from the incessant pursuit of those that are unbalanced.

My best advice to you is to know the people you connect to online and that even if you do get tangled up in the same web that I did, there are pretty stiff laws in place these days to protect you. Good luck out there and stay safe!


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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4 Responses to my Memorial to a rant

  1. Curious, in a way, that we all spend so much time making contact with people we don’t view face to face, unlike all our forebears …

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  2. I saw your first Like! Yay!!! Love you and love your wide words.

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