when was the last time You Questioned Your Beliefs?

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When was the last time you questioned your beliefs?

I know with the state of our government these days, a lot of folks are questioning what they believe politically and that’s all part of what makes us part of society. My question digs a little deeper than that.

We grow up being taught a certain way to believe. I was fortunate that my grandfather also believed in spiritual beings deserving to choose for themselves. I was taken to church every Sunday as a child and I was baptized and christened as a baby there. When I reached a certain age I was Confirmed as a church member and attended Catechism. But when I turned fifteen years old my grandfather gave me a choice.  

He explained to me what his church and his faith meant to him. I remember never being too keen on going to church, but I was especially not keen on this church. He told me that I was old enough to decide for myself how I wanted to lead my spiritual life and if not going to the church of his choosing was the path I wanted to take, I was allowed to make that decision.

At a young age I knew I could make my own choices and my own decisions about where I wanted life to take me. At this age I still have the freedom to make those kinds of decisions and I still do choose the path less beaten by so many others.

It’s not what I believe about others or anything else that matters at all in my life these days, it’s what I believe about myself that matters most. I stopped counting on other people about six years ago when I was shocked to discover that other people are mostly concerned with themselves and anything you might need is either second, or not even a consideration. As a general rule, once you get past puberty, you are essentially on your own because the world is truly every man for himself. Most of you guys already knew this, didn’t you? Honk if you did!

What you believe about yourself is very important. They aren’t written in stone and can change as the wind blows, but they should always be in place for you to lean on like a good neighbor.

How do you figure out what your personal tenets are?

  • What (not who) makes you happy?
  • What (not who) do you look forward to every morning when you wake up?
  • If the real world issues did not exist like money, politics or health insurance, how would you live your most authentic life?
  • Deep down, what do you think your purpose is?
  • Can you tell people who you are and what you stand for in a minute and a half?

I know my own answers to these thoughtful questions. Do you know your answers yet?


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A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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7 Responses to when was the last time You Questioned Your Beliefs?

  1. My timeline is close to yours, but I didn’t have a grandfather who gave me a choice. My mother desperately wanted me to believe in Jesus Christ and be confirmed. I went along with it JUST to please her and keep her from crying. Who wants to see their mother cry? I certainly didn’t. So I had to keep my secret for a very, very long time…decades…from her and others: “I’m not sure I believe in God; I think JC was alive and human, but I don’t believe all the stories in the bible to be true at least not the interpretations being spoon fed to me and others.”

    So I flailed for decades to uncover my beliefs while reconciling this lie. My journey to discover what I believed is has really been a quest to uncover my authentic self and purpose. I’m so close to FINALLY knowing who I am and being unafraid to share my secret.

    Thank you, MS! 🙂

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    • Thank you, Paula, for the courage it takes to share and to make new discoveries. You are always that gentle hand warmly placed in the small of my back pushing me to be who I am meant to be, in spite of myself and everything I can do to hold myself back from it.

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    • Toortsie says:

      Dear Paula, if I may, while you are investigating if the Bible is true, may I suggest that every time you ask God to show you what He wants you to know? That question helped me a lot.
      Best wishes.


  2. Toortsie says:

    Excellent questions.

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  3. It’s sad I don’t have answers for those questions: (


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