For the ladies that Never Have Anything to Wear, I’m your Gal!

Sometimes at the end of a season I find myself with full closets. They are stuffed so tight I can’t cram another piece of clothing into the sliver of space that might be left. Then everything in the closet becomes a wrinkled mess. That’s when I know it’s time to trim some closet fat.

I do not like to get rid of my clothes. I don’t buy something for the sake of spending money. When I purchase clothes it’s because it is something I truly want to wear more than one time. Even though I am diligent about how I spend my clothing allowance, there is always a piece or two that I did not feel 100% gorgeous in once I got it home and clipped the sale tags off. Those are the ones that go into that pile labelled Donation or Sell on eBay.  

I don’t know how you manage your clothing so you’re able to know where certain items reside, such as short sleeved tees, but I have all of my clothing arranged a certain way. My bureaus are arranged like this:

  • Tank tops
  • Short sleeved tops
  • Long sleeved tops
  • Workout gear
  • Pajamas (This is actually two drawers; one summer and one winter)
  • Folded skirts
  • Underwear
  • Leggings (I have a drawer full of them! Yikes)

I have two closets. In Texas we had this huge walk-in and I sure do miss that! Now I split my clothes between the two; One for dresses and skirts and one for blouses and jackets. I do own pants though I rarely wear them anymore. I keep them folded on a shelf in one of the closets and have not worked up the nerve to finally let them all go.

It might sound like a lot of clothes, or a lot of anal retentiveness, but it works and I can put my hands on anything I own with little effort or frustration now.

In order to know what I have stuffed into drawers and closets at the moment, I decided to make a challenge for myself. For instance I have a thing for white tees, so almost every time I see one I like, I’ll buy one. I end up with a drawer full of them and a person can only wear so many white tees at a time. My challenge was to wear every item in a drawer so I’d know if it was something I really needed and wanted to continue to keep.

I opened a drawer and took out each item and arranged it on a hanger. Then I added each piece to a hook on the back of my bedroom door where I could see it everyday. The second part of the challenge was to wear them in the order they were hung and not to see one in the back of the hanging stack and choose it because I knew it fit well or I liked the fabric, etc. If I was forced to wear them in order they were originally hung, then I knew I could give an informed choice, rather than always pushing the ones I wasn’t sure about to the back of the stack.

That’s not always a bad thing because I discovered clothes I liked that had always been pushed to the back of the drawer because I wasn’t sure how they would look.

I did this for each drawer and then for my closet.

It was time consuming, but it was also a lot of fun! I looked forward each day to the next piece of clothing I would be assigned to coordinate with the rest of my wardrobe or making sure it went with my day. It felt kind of like curating my own clothing.

The day I hung up the clothing in the drawer that contained my white teeshirts was monumental. You know that old saying that you can’t see the forest for the trees? I knew I owned a lot of trees, but now I was finally facing the gigantic forest I had planted. When I counted the number of them I owned I knew at least half of them were going to be placed in the Donation pile. It was time to stop buying those white teeshirts!

If you decide to try my challenge yourself please pop back when you’re done and let me know how it goes. Were you able to thin out some of the clutter and donate clothes you weren’t wearing? Or did you find some hidden jewels that simply made shopping for clothes all worthwhile?

Until later this is Madeline Laughs and she’s wearing her favorite white tee out to go shopping today!


About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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4 Responses to For the ladies that Never Have Anything to Wear, I’m your Gal!

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  3. Yay! I hope you’ll try my challenge. You might find that something you haven’t worn in a year is actually one of your favs now. 🙂


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