Talking and Driving is bad

Say this to yourself everyday

I sat at the stop light the other day and counted the number of people talking on their cell phones. Almost everyone I could see, except one gentleman, had their arms glued to their ears yakking away. Then I noticed he was in the car alone but carrying on with a serious look on his face…he was wearing an earpiece. Out of all of these drivers I felt safest sitting next to him. At least he had both hands on the steering wheel. 

Can you drive and talk on the cell phone at the same time? Most people that answer that question with a YES probably think they can, but really they can’t. I don’t think anyone has the same reaction time as they would if they were using both hands to drive and paying attention to what’s going on around them rather than what their friend is gossiping about on the other end.

Who knew all of us had so much to say to each other?

Today I was sitting at a stop sign waiting to take a right turn when a huge SUV comes barreling in my direction. I drive a small car so being in a little car makes the perspective a bit gruesome when the other driver isn’t paying attention to where they’re going. I look up from the chrome grill of this monster headed right at my face to see a petite lady with the classic hand to the ear busy yammering away on her cell phone. We lock eyes and she swerves to miss me. Then guess what she does…she flips me the middle finger.

I’ve also noticed that the personal everyday lives of people have become freely expressed in public places. Women are the surprising culprits. I’ve never heard a man on the phone talking about his jock itch or his love life. They’re usually making “important” calls about meetings, poker games, football or work.

I was sitting in the airport in Sydney waiting for my husband to book our flights to Adelaide when a young girl sat beside me. She pulls her cell phone out of her purse and proceeds to start talking and then crying. I would have moved away, but there was nowhere for me to go and I was stuck guarding our massive pile of luggage which I couldn’t move on my own without making several trips. So I endured. I tried ignoring her, but she was getting louder and louder. The story was that the guy she had just spent the weekend with had dropped her at the airport and she had missed her flight. There wasn’t another flight until the next day. The guy refused to come back and get her. He told her he had decided he didn’t really like her and never wanted to see her again. She begged and pleaded, but he never gave in. So she then started calling every one of her girlfriends to tell them what a shit he was.

Today I was standing in line at the Petsmart waiting to check out. The line was long and there was only one cashier. The girl in front of me pulls out her cell phone and starts chatting with another girlfriend. I knew right away she must be college age because the conversation went something like this:

“And then he said, like, whatever. And like, I didn’t know what to say, like, how do you take that, ya know? Like, we were going to like, stay at his house, ya know and like….” and on and on and on.

I was so annoyed with the quality of the call and was having a hard time tuning her out. I was getting “line rage”. So I made a game out of it. I decided instead of listening to the conversation I would count the number of times she said the word “like”. I had done this once before when I was stuck on a bus ride behind two young girls and it took the stress out of having to hear what they were saying. By the time she checked out she had uttered the word “like” over 102 times, dished about one of her friends to another and divulged too much information about her last gyno visit.

I am not someone that can talk and drive at the same time. If one of my girlfriends call while I’m driving they know that they will have to hang on while I shift gears or make maneuvers because I actually put the phone down to perform my driving duties. I’m also very cranky if I have to talk and drive.

My husband has known for years that this is a talent I do not possess. When I drive out to pick him up at the airport he will text message me “Landed. Stop looking at the phone and drive. I love u.”

As I was leaving the Petsmart today I passed another woman in the parking lot walking into the store talking on her cell phone. “Well,” she said into the phone, “I really like Wheat Thins!”

Hmmmm…I do too I thought to myself. I must make a mental note to phone them in to my shopping list this week.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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5 Responses to Talking and Driving is bad

  1. Although I do love keeping my friends company on their journeys! That time spent chatting about our lives is priceless, though I would never want them to endanger their lives for me.


  2. anne leueen says:

    I am 100% with you on all these overheard conversations and the “like” thing drives me bonkers! I like wheat thins too but not as much at Triscuits!😃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. wickedrevs56 says:

    At least you were somewhat lucky…the girl was saying “like” 103 times a minute, not the “eff” word….. honestly we have become a world of highly educated IDIOTS

    Liked by 1 person

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