Is that a reliable source?


I don’t take anyone’s Word for it anymore.

And why should I?

Why should you?

In an uneven, out of balance world filled to the brim with liars and false prophets, people out to make a buck while climbing the social ladder or the career mountain, why would anyone trust what someone says to them anymore? Some folks are simply intrigued by whether or not they can make you believe them!

So what keeps all of us from becoming cynical, jaded and isolated?  

I would imagine it’s a little something most of the world’s population is born with and that thing is called faith. Faith, simply defined, means a complete certainty or confidence in someone, or something. To believe, means you accept something as truth. You feel strongly about it.

How do we know when someone is telling us the truth?

We don’t know and that’s where faith comes in.


These days you can Google or search for information on the Internet on anything you can possibly imagine. When this function first became available it was probably a lot more truthful in its infancy. Today that road is littered with charlatans and you have to be selective about what you pick as your reliable source.

There are a few guidelines that can assist in navigating these treacherous and untrustworthy waters. I searched the Interwebs and brought back a few of them for you to try out. Use whatever works for you and discard what doesn’t.

  1. Where is the new information coming from?
  2. Are they a reliable source? If so, are they supported by a brand or for commercial profit? Do they stand to gain something?
  3. If they have a backer, is this backer supporting only news that benefits them in a monetary way?
  4. What is the source’s education?
  5. Do you consider the source to be an expert in their field?
  6. Are they in a legitimate location?
  7. Can you contact them to ask questions?
  8. What do other people say about them?
  9. Have their stories always lined up, or do they constantly contradict themselves, or follow the crowd?

I have a real problem with liars. This is something I have struggled with for most of my life. Lying is the one thing I find hard to forgive. Punch me in the face and give me a bloody nose and then apologize for it, and I can forgive you. Lie to me one time, and I’m pretty much done with you.

I was going to say “I’ve written posts about liars…”, but as I’m reading my past posts, I am reading that same statement, “I’ve written posts about liars…” over and over again. I seems to be a repeat topic for me!

I’ve written many, many posts on lying and why people do it, so I’m not going to start beating a dead horse. This post is more about filtering out as much bull as you can in order to feel some sort of security about the important truths the person may be trying to tell you. Mainly, if a person is lying to you then there is definitely a problem and getting to the bottom of that might just free both of you up for some more constructive behavior, rather than the destructiveness of lies.

~from  Liars…can’t stand ’em! in 2014

I’ve written about being called a liar too.

At the second location I veer off once we’re through the front door and head for the restroom. When I finish, I start looking for my boss and as luck would have it I approach him from behind as he’s chatting with the store manager and the team leader. Once I’m within earshot here’s what I hear him saying in a conspiratorial voice to the store manager; “..well, she said she spoke to a guy named Wayne and he told her this was done, but I can see that it’s not done so I’ll take care of this myself! I can’t believe she would lie about something this important!”

As a boss, how unprofessional can you be?

I spoke up then and surprised him. He had no idea I was standing right behind him.

~from Being accountable in 2011

I’ve gotten scientific about it.

The medical term Pathological Liar doesn’t even stand alone as a mental illness. It is described as a defect in a person’s personality, but no one knows for sure if a PL has the ability to even control the lies he tells.

~from What is a Pathological Liar? in 2013


But liars and lying is still a strong topic of conversation for me. I have even posted an article entitled Did you just lie to me?

Keeping all of this in mind, wouldn’t you start to wonder why I can’t stay off of this topic for a while? What is it about being lied to that makes me dip my pen in the writing well and bang out yet another article about something most people do without even thinking about consequences?

In my quest to educate all of you about lying and how to get over it, avoid it, figure it out, know when it’s happening and being healthier getting rid of it, what am I not learning about it myself?

Why is this something that keeps coming back to bite me?

I guess if I had to give a reason it would be that lying happens to all of us every single day of our lives and let’s be real…lying hurts. It hurts on both ends. It hurts for all kinds of reasons and not all of them are wrong. The liar hurts and the lies they tell can also hurt us.

If you read the statement I just made with some empathy, you’ll realize that the liar isn’t always a villain. I have often written that most lies come from a place of fear and this is also true in situations where people are being victimized and abused. They will lie to keep from being continually harmed, or they might lie to protect someone that is defenseless, like a child.


Not all liars are bad people. Lying, even though it is frowned upon, might be the only thing we have to protect us in a world gone mad. But learning to know the difference, to recognize when someone is being genuine, is crucial to your own survival.

This is Madeline Laughs and while I sit here and mull over this new found feeling, make sure you are continuing to surround yourself with positive people that bring love, joy and healthy mental stimulation to your life. I’m not going to lie…I love the friends I have gathered around me these days! ❤

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