Guys that Fart for laughs

One afternoon I was having a serious conversation about work with a male colleague on the telephone when he started cackling loudly. I stopped speaking and asked “What’s so funny?” He replied “I just farted and you didn’t hear it!” and he laughed some more. I don’t think I spoke for a few beats. I was in mild shock. I had not been exposed to this kind of humor since grade school and here was a man in his 40’s, farting for humor. 

I never participated in farting contests as a child because I can’t fart on command. I’m not sure I understand how people can do this since farting is a sure sign of indigestion. Perhaps growing up your body is going through all kinds of changes, so farting comes easily. As we age I would think farting for amusement would become harder to do, but many guys have proven me wrong.

I dated a guy for a month or so who thought it was okay to fart in my presence and then laugh hysterically. We had been dating for a few weeks when he suddenly became the gassiest person I’d ever known. Honestly, after some of those gasworks I was sure he needed to excuse himself to change his underpants.

He got the message that I didn’t appreciate his daily gas, nor did I find it funny, when I stopped taking his calls.

Guys who constantly fart and then laugh uproariously at themselves are a breed all to themselves. In some cases this is a literal observation because they can clear a room after farting. If a guy will fart in your presence in the living room, trust me, he’ll fart for you in a restaurant, or any public place, and worst of all…he’ll fart in bed.

One of my best friends married a bed-farter. He had several names for his bed-farting prowess. One game he played was called Country Football. This is played by both parties laying on their sides with their backs to each other and farting until it drives one of you out of the bed. The other game is called Dutch Oven. This is where he cuts a particularly noxious fart and then pulls the covers over her head until she chokes.

She HATED playing the fart games with him!

I suggested taking the wind out of his sails by adding Bean-o to his diet. A few drops here and there and this man became fartfree.

But here I was on the telephone, in a business situation, dealing with a fart-humor guy. I needed to nip this in the butt right away. So after sitting quietly for a few beats and allowing his laughter to reach a fever pitch and finally taper off,  I responded with this, “Should I call back after you’ve had time to use the restroom?”

He never phone-farted with me again.

Children that fart for laughs is one thing, but when you reach a certain age, farting for laughs is just sad. I have never understood why adult men think this is acceptable behavior. I Googled it and actually found a blog entitled Why Men Laugh at Farts. The blog is called Men Explained and it appears to be a gentleman that answers all kinds of questions like this. I enjoyed reading through many of his posts. It doesn’t look like he has posted much since 2009 though.

According to Men Explained this is why men laugh at farts:

“The reason probably mainly lies in upbringing and social expectations. Boys and men generally aren’t expected to be particularly graceful. Being somewhat rude at times is often actually encouraged – mostly by other men. Meanwhile, they’re usually discouraged from showing emotions that might appear to display “weakness”, such as shame. So it shouldn’t be surprising if men act amused rather than embarrassed when they let one rip.”

Not all men fart for laughs. I know more than a few men that would find this behavior to be in very poor taste. The world is not a locker room, or a toilet.

However I am all for different strokes. If you’re in a situation that includes daily fart humor and you’re having a good time, then who am I to rain on your parade? Some folks like farting to relieve the tension and loosen things up. Sometimes it implies a level of intense intimacy between partners. Farting in mixed company could be the only way some men can break down barriers with the female persuasion and bring them down to a more manageable, primal level.

I just don’t really know for sure.

Perhaps the answer will come to me if you could just do me a small favor and pull my finger?

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A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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5 Responses to Guys that Fart for laughs

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  2. Paula says:

    I think the sounds and noises the human body makes are hilarious! Farts are fascinating, and I never know what one is going to sound like before it comes out. It’s ALWAYS a surprise and makes me laugh. I laugh alone and at my own body sounds all the time. When I’m with my son and I fart, the laughter is tough to control. Haha! I don’t sit at work and fart or expect anyone other than myself to appreciate the tunes of my body. It’s kind of a thing I keep to myself…outside of this comment of course!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. anne leueen says:

    I agree. Farts are not that funny and some farters sound like they are doing themselves an injury squeezing out their farts.

    Liked by 1 person

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