it’s not not about them…but they think it is

mirror, mirror

When someone connects to anything I write and finds hope in an otherwise hopeless situation then I am elated to share in their joy of discovery. But there is that small percentage that think everything is about them and they don’t like it. They read something I write and see the worst of themselves and rather than looking inward and hopefully grow up a little, they point the finger at me and call me names.

I cannot and will not take responsibility when someone out there takes ownership of an observation I make and then becomes offended by it. That is on them, not me. 

There is something about writing your own blog that occurs more often than you might realize. It’s something I am beginning to find out about my own blog and I find it intriguing.

I have written many posts about all kinds of subjects and all kinds of people and only a small portion have ever been directed at any one particular individual. Those posts usually name the person because I rarely post ugly comments or negative reviews about someone in particular that I’m not going to name. I rarely post glowing reviews about someone, some place, or some thing unless I’m going to name them. What’s the point?

My posts are generally general and I mix stories together like baking a cake mainly to make a point about the subject I’m exploring. It doesn’t mean my anecdotes are any less true or false, it just means it’s my perspective and my opinion. That’s the point of a blog. It’s my voice, not anyone else.

I wrote an entire series on dating, but I’m not dating and haven’t dated  in over 20 years, unless it was Date Night with my husband. I have written posts about my friends that are artists or entrepreneurs and I have written posts for other people. I have written about experiences I have had with people and I have also written about other people’s experiences as they were told to me.

Here’s the rub and if it’s something you are offended by then perhaps you might want to be quiet long enough to consider why it makes you so angry.

It’s not because I said it because I can say anything I want to say but I can’t make you feel anything you don’t already feel or suspect about yourself. 

It’s the same when I tell someone I feel threatened. No one can make me feel threatened unless they physically put me in circumstances where imminent threat is readily available and feeling that vulnerable lack of trust is never a great feeling. If I feel my comfort is ever in jeopardy I will take whatever measures are within my power to exit a situation that has become toxic.

If you see a meme and you feel it’s about you then perhaps some introspection is on the agenda. People that lead toxic lives tend to project their own bad behaviors onto others on the regular. Maybe that’s my mission in life; to boldly blog where no man has blogged before! LOL!!

It wasn’t ever about you, but if it helped you then I’m glad you stopped by and took a peek.

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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2 Responses to it’s not not about them…but they think it is

  1. sedonastella says:

    Small minds think small…thanks for this post..loved it

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truth! I was aghast when I heard that tale. To think someone wishes I would carry them in my head on a daily basis AND write about it, is truly insanity on their part. I guess that’s why they call them narcissists. 🙂


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