What do your Mornings look like?

Some mornings when I’m staring back at myself in the bathroom mirror brushing my teeth I can hear that Paul McCartney song in my head:

“Every day she takes a morning bath she wets her hair
Wraps a towel around her as she’s heading for the bedroom chair
It’s just another day
Slipping into stockings, stepping into shoes
Dipping in the pocket of her raincoat
It’s just another day
At the office where the papers grow she takes a break
Drinks another coffee and she finds it hard to stay awake
It’s just another day
Do do do do do do, it’s just another day…”

Except for the part about feeling sad and waiting on the man of her dreams, this song kind of says it all when it comes to having a morning routine. This kind lady’s routine seems a bit overwhelming at times but she seems to be hanging in there. 

I recently wrote about having a bedtime routine so you set a healthy tone for the day ahead and a morning routine is just as important. If you’re getting the right amount of sleep then waking up should not be as hard as you think.

You have to do the work (sleeping) to reap the rewards (waking up feeling refreshed). 

If you’re waking up well after noon feeling like a camel took a poop in your mouth and unable to make the decision to change out of your pajamas into regular clothes, then you might need to work on a healthier bedtime routine so your mornings are more productive. Being able to open your eyes without much effort and looking forward to starting a new day is a priceless feeling to nurture and develop. Let’s work on that!

My morning routine has changed and evolved over the years based on my work and location. I used to have overnight travel every week when I worked so a morning routine that was flexible was mandatory. Traveling for work also takes a certain type of attitude and being a self-starter is kind of part of the job.

When I traveled I made sure to bring the creature comforts with me; my own coffee mug, a picture of my husband, something to spoil myself with like a facial mask or a bath bomb and my favorite tea to relax with in the evenings when I was winding down from the workday. When you’re on the road you are getting up early and going to bed early because you’re there to work and that needs to be your biggest focus if you are going to get the job done.

My morning routine on the road always started at 6AM. I would pack two or three sets of workout clothes and my sneakers so I could hit the hotel gym first thing in the mornings. Thirty minutes on the treadmill planning my workday in my head and clearing the sleepy cobwebs as I trudged along was the best way to get motivated to go out there and get busy. After my workout I would shower and get dressed depending on what was on my schedule for the day. Then it was downstairs to have a good breakfast and coffee so I could get started working.

These days my morning routine is a bit different, but it’s still thought out and organized so I can lead productive days rather than languishing into a pile of useless jello. I still have things to do!

Some mornings I’m up with the sun. I absolutely love those mornings! I wake right up. My eyes pop open and I am ready to hit the ground running so I do. I like to get the coffee brewing, feed the cats and pack a lunch for my husband to take to work. Then I quietly start breakfast and do some light cleaning while my husband starts his day. Those up-with-the-sun mornings are something I aspire to.

On the mornings it takes a light touch on my ankle from my husband to wake me while he’s getting dressed I tend to move a bit slower.

I started paying closer attention to my weight back in March of this year so now part of my mornings include the scales. I joined an online program that I am enjoying (I’ll write more about that later) and they want me to weigh every morning. Of course I want it to be as light as possible which sparks me to shed every stitch of clothing. Some mornings I’m air-punching because the pounds have miraculously melted away in my sleep and some mornings I’m simply recording a number that can not possibly be right but every morning includes that scale and I look forward to it.

My slower mornings might include going over my list for the day while I have coffee and a late breakfast but they still start at 7AM. I used to skip breakfast  but these days I keep a selection of breakfast items that I find appealing in the wee hours and nourish my body first thing so it repays me by having enough energy to do the tasks I have planned. Any weekday can have schedules to go to the market or do laundry and light housekeeping to spending the day writing or catching up on my reading. It just depends on how I see the day progressing and what needs to be done to add quality to our lives (Hint: writing a good blog to post hopefully adds quality to whoever takes the time to read this far. LOL!).

I save any workouts I might plan for the afternoons because we have a gym downstairs with everything I need. I save podcasts I like to listen to or shows I like to binge-watch on my iPad for those workouts and they seem to fly by! I plan a workout at least three days a week and when the weather cools off I like to casually ride my bicycle around the neighborhood or take short walks on the beach. It just depends on my mood or what I feel needs to happen for me to feel better.

I know what I’m going to do every morning during a regular week as soon as I open my eyes. I find comfort in those routines because they start my day with structure and meaning rather than waking groggy with no idea what the day might hold for me or if it’s even going to be a good day. Chaotic mornings can be discombobulating and have the potential to send your entire day and sometimes your whole week in a downward spiraling tailspin. Who needs that?!

Sit down today and give your mornings some serious thought. It’s a huge part of your life after all and deserves your full attention. If you find yourself still sitting in your nightshirt making a bologna and cheese sandwich for lunch because you’ve spent your entire morning surfing Facebook instead of actually taking care of yourself then your mornings might need an adjustment.

This is Madeline Laughs and I’m here to wish you the very best of mornings to come. What are some of your best morning routines? I’d love to hear them!

About Madeline Scribes

A writer with a sense of humor. If anyone can laugh at life, it's me.
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10 Responses to What do your Mornings look like?

  1. I am not a morning person so I’m a bit slower. I start by going through the work emails that have collected overnight, sort them in my head while getting ready, and then I walk to work. I’m “on” for the rest of the day and then walk home. My husband is retired and does our meals. I am on a keto diet (I have to watch that scale too). We chat about our day over a great dinner – he’s a really good cook. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for liking one of my silly limericks! I can be a morning person…but also tend to be a night owl! But it is refreshing to change one’s schedule from time to time, to remember how the earlier birds live! 🙂

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  4. charlypriest says:

    Got it printed, good healthy advice that I should work more on.

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