Madeline Laughs is a professional social researcher with years of experience in the field. She has a background in the arts, travels widely and her diverse interests combined with her quick wit and down home charm make her unnerving accurate observations easy to hear and understand. If anyone can make looking at yourself fun it’s Madeline.

Contributing artists and writers:

Blossom of Light writes from her heart. Her vivid memories and her forthright determination makes you swoon from feeling so safe with her. Also our resident Foodie, we’re hoping to see some food reviews from her in the near future.

iOnaVerse paints a vivid word picture with her writing. She wields her brush as a pen and offers you a surrealists’ rabbithole into the mind of a working artist as she composes. She has the power to prick the backs of your eyes with tears of sadness, of joy and wonder as you explore her thoughts. So make yourself a cup of tea and curl up as you take a journey into iOnaVerse’s world with her.

Sea Bbaticals is a high-flying world traveler with a sense of the ironic and the unusual. His quirky sense of humor will lead you down a merry path. Not new to writing his thoughts, he will be back to seduce you grammatically again and again.

Single Not Desperate has re-entered the dating arena after taking two years off to deal with a divorce, becoming a single parent and everything that entails. Seeking companionship and a love connection, SND has decided to take a no holds barred approach to the dating scene while sharing her experiences for those of us that might be considering taking that leap again too. She wants everyone to know that just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re desperate. It simply means you’re discriminating and oh, so worth it!

SkyRooster is a stay at home mom that can throw back a dozen shots of whiskey on a Tuesday night and be home in time to drive all of her children to school. Throughout her day she’ll do seventeen loads of laundry and clean the entire house, go to the grocery store and whittle down the cost of two hundred dollars worth of groceries to seventeen cents through the exquisite art of coupon clipping. She’ll find the time to lose five pounds, shoot a bear, quit smoking, watch Dr. Phil and then pick up her five kids from school, make dinner, help with homework, give everyone a bath, put them to bed, and kiss them goodnight. Then she’ll wake up the next day and do it all again.