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Fire breathing butterflies


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Life After the Narcissist

I have been riding the wave of euphoria for about two weeks now after publishing my first book and I am finally settling down and getting back to normal. I have never fancied myself anyone of importance and have no … Continue reading

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writing to a soundtrack

There are days I will write to total silence. I read my own writing aloud on those days without distractions and without the feelings and emotions that a musical background tend to provoke. It’s only the words I’m interested in … Continue reading

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Where am I?

Bending my mind around the magnitude of talent and thought that went into some of the art I have experienced takes me to another world whenever I need a vacation from this reality.

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Breakfast at the beach access

Chest high and smooth as silk, these half barrels break far enough out that you can ride them all the way down the beach. The sun breaks through the rain clouds and shines a constant beam on the lone old-timer … Continue reading

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What is my “oh shiny!” moment?

What makes me stop whatever I’m doing  and grab my phone or my camera to take a photo? The answer to that question is so easy! In fact, anyone that knows me, knows the answer too.

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left behind

Dense with the spoils of the sea. Eroded by persistence. Pushed over with the force of nature. Left behind and almost forgotten.

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