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Using your Cookbooks!

I thought I would start this post out by sharing one of my favorite recipes. I call it Chris’s Favorite Pasta. Here is what you will need to make it: Sundried tomatoes – I like the ones packed in oil. … Continue reading

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How to love Pavlova

by Madeline Laughs   I was making a couple of chocolate pavlovas the other day and thinking about being thankful  for the good things and people in my life. I needed 12 egg whites. I crack them one at a … Continue reading

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How to make Artisan Bread

by Madeline Laughs   Artisan breads are pretty, edible versions of just plain old bread. They look amazing. People will swear you slaved all day, but they are not as hard, or labor intensive, as you might think. Years ago … Continue reading

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Samphire – A Mermaid’s Kiss

Originally posted on The World according to Dina:
Do you know samphire? We bet you don’t. Samphire (Salicornis europaea) – yummy yummy – is also known as sea asparagus or poor man’s asparagus. It’s a wild plant growing in abundance…

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Following a recipe

I post a lot of pictures on Facebook of the dishes I make for dinners at home. When someone asks me for a recipe I always do my very best to give them one that they might be able to … Continue reading

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Making shower and bath bombs

Making shower and bath bombs is great fun! Mostly because once the mixture is put together it has the weirdest quality to it! That was the weirdest “dough” I have ever worked with. I spilled a blob on the countertop … Continue reading

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DIY lippy balm

While I am on the subject of stuff you can make at home, you can also make your own lip balm. Lippy Balm 🙂  

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