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did you Read that?

When I invite folks to read anything I’ve written, it is not an invitation given with ease. It takes an awful lot for me to even suggest to anyone out there that I actually do write, but I do, and … Continue reading

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Take a bow, my friends! *clapping loudly with love*

This post (and every post, really) is dedicated to the people in my life that consistently show me every single day of the year what it means to be a caring and loving human being. I love my family! You … Continue reading

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Boardwalk Elvis

In Ocean City, Maryland there is a widely known phenomenon known as Boardwalk Elvis. He dresses in the famous Elvis white jumpsuit, sometimes they’re black jumpsuits, carries a small boombox radio and dances and performs to Elvis Presley tunes on … Continue reading

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Cackalacky…not in my vocabulary

I was born and raised in North Carolina. I love it here! I have lived other places I love more, but I always knew my husband and I would return here to settle down for our Golden Years, and here … Continue reading

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I can relate

I know this musician that has a new CD coming out. He dislikes doing promotional work and part of that would be selling his own CD. He said it was really difficult to promote yourself and easier if someone else got up there and … Continue reading

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Dear Sandy Bottom Construction Company

Dear Sandy Bottom Construction Company, The neighborhood didn’t say anything when you ran heavy equipment until late in the evenings, shaking all of our houses on stilts so badly that things fell from shelves. We didn’t comment when your bulldozer … Continue reading

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no one wants to be You

One afternoon I was doing the new “vanity search” on Facebook when I found several people that have the same name as me. I had been told that it was a good idea to do this kind of a search … Continue reading

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