Happy Readers

Madeline Laughs…where do I begin? All her write-ups are food for thought. Some are hilarious, some are real tear jerkers. Yet all of them I can relate to right to the point that when I read some of the blogs, … Continue reading

Marianne Goddard – Be Safe on Social Network Sites

Madeline Scribes is the kind of blog you become addicted to reading. I stumbled upon this space a few years ago and can’t get enough! Her writing is authentic, powerful, and well-written–storytelling at its best filled with great advice, insight, … Continue reading

Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo, Love-Life-Om

Madeline Scribes always brings subjects and experiences that may be ‘hushed’ or unspoken out into the open with thought provoking insight. I enjoy reading all of her subjects and understanding more through someone else’s eyes. Albeit, a happy ending or … Continue reading

Suzan Koester – Critter Couture and Grandma Sushi’s Closet

Madeline Scribes is my favorite blog. She always has some thought provoking or witty assessment of something I can relate to. She’s made me laugh with images of banana peels being flung out the window and made me cry with … Continue reading

Rosalie Baxter

This blog is always fresh and real. Madeline Scribes writes in a way that engulfs you into the story with every detail. She always has real life responses that she shares so courageously. I always reflect on the human condition … Continue reading

Kat Migliore – Luxury

Madeline Scribes… she is a great read, a thought provoker, a real voice that you cannot ignore. Her articles are poignant and en pointe. Sometimes the truth is just what you need to hear and she allows you to feel … Continue reading

Ophelia Ko

Madeline Scribes is a great blog! If you want to read true to life stories with a real lesson attached then this blog is for you. The posts I have read all contain issues I can really relate to. Sometimes … Continue reading

Ritu – But I Smile Anyway

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Madeline’s writings for more than 6 years now. She is the best! Barbara Hayes Whitlow, Atlanta, GA

Barbara Hayes Whitlow

Katy wrote a blog featuring my band High Tide back in 2013; soon after we were invited to play at the Spring Mustang Music Festival. I was also contacted by the drummer from my first band (*circa 1979 **Gulp) who … Continue reading

Tess Whitehurst Adams – Outer Banks, NC

A dear friend of mine has an incredible blog called Madeline Laughs! Unlike most blogs that are self-serving or political or full of nonsense, her blog deals with subjects that most people would not write about. Topics like bullying, privacy, … Continue reading

Eric Bana – Rotunda, FL

The Madeline Scribes blog opens a window into personal life changing moments and observations. I love how the writer’s experiences are expressed and appreciate the insight shared in each story as she digs into a topic. I feel like I’m … Continue reading

Heather, Washington

I enjoy reading Madeline Laughs; sometimes because, as I’m reading it, Linda laughs too. Sometimes because one of her stories resonates with me in my own life, and sometimes for the sheer entertainment of her witty and insightful viewpoint. I … Continue reading

Linda Collins